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Ini aku di antara tumpukan bola-bola prioritas. Mau berdiri susah, mau duduk terus bikin stres 😂
📝 Tentang Prioritas 😶
Kemarin di-mention di Stories sama @25_utami yang baru baca tulisan aku soal prioritas. Tentang gimana aku nggak percaya sama yang namanya prioritas waktu. (link tulisan di bio ya)
Jadi keinget kemarin mba @winditeguh yang galau karena ada meeting dadakan padahal anaknya pesta ultah di sekolah. Akhirnya doi meeting aja, anaknya ultah di sekolah sama mbak ART.
Apa lantas anaknya jadi prioritas nomer dua seperti judge ibu-ibu nyinyir itu? Ya nggak lah, because priority is bullshit. 😎 Prioritas selalu bergantung pada situasi, kondisi, dan urgensi.
Nggak bisa suruh orang pilih nomer 1 kerjaan atau anak karena ya tergantung urgensinya juga. Kalau meeting dadakan tapi anak tiba-tiba masuk rumah sakit misalnya, ya pasti ke anak dulu.
Begitulah gengs, jadi kalian-kalian ibu bekerja kaya aku, guilty itu pasti ada karena nggak bisa selalu sama anak. Tapi ingat, anak belum tentu lebih baik kalau sama kita seharian. Apalagi kalau kitanya di rumah malah stres karena lebih suka kerja dan nggak bakat jadi ibu rumah tangga. 😂
Selamat Senin buibu semua! Luv! ♥️
#priorityisbullshit #EmpowerYourself #clozetteid

1,2,3,4,5... Hay un poder enorme en el ser agradecido... por todo, por nada, por lo que fluye, por lo que no, por lo que es, por lo que fue, por lo que llega y por lo que se va 🙌🏽 THANK YOU GOD, thank you universe, thank you life! Looking forward for the NEW!| 📸 @edwarddiazrd | #killthemwithkindess #breathing #fluyendo #feelingfree #onelove #theseaandI #afropower #legongirl #empoweryourself

That is 🌊 in Queensbee collection #queensbeejewelry @queensbee_official

Virginia was gorgeous

Happy #motivationalmonday ! I skipped the gym the last three days, oooops. But not really, I got to spend time with my best friends and I'm really glad I was able to. It's okay to skip the gym, it's okay to eat off your diet, we're all human and we have just one life to live. Might as well make the most of it, kapeesh? 😘 #positivevibes #lvft #dymatize #bodybuildingcom #weightloss #losingweight #bootybuilding #curlsforthegirls #triceps #motivation #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #fitfam #fitness #bodybuilding #bodypositive #ditchthescale #empoweryourself #confidence #strong #healthy #progress #lovethelifeyoulive #selfmotivation #noexcuses #staystrong #eattogrow #stayhumble #transformforlife


For a very long time, I lived life afraid that I would never ever be able to accomplish the dreams in my heart because I was too proud.

I knew I was strong and powerful but I felt I had to downplay it, in order to be acceptable to Papa, my higher power…

My desire for relationship with Him has always been more powerful than my need for fame, wealth, power etc…

However, I thought I had to pretend to be less than who I was in order not to be struck by lightning and killed in an instant by a very jealous, possessive higher power who could not handle anyone being ok without Him.

And so I played small…

And I made myself wrong for wanting so much…

And so I tried to ‘be humble’…
I tried to pretend I was not self-sufficient but the truth is, I am…
You are, as well…

Because we were created that way…

We can choose to be in relationship with Higher Power or we can choose not to be…
Some people choose the latter…
And materially, physically, they will not suffer for it…

Yes, they will be completely subject to the whims of government, and economic climate because they choose to no longer listen to the intuitive nudges within

But hey, if they choose to work hard enough, they will get rich enough to lobby for things to go their way which is what happens now…

But they are always watching their back for someone coming to get theirs…

Fierce competition becomes necessary when you think it is just you and a ‘dog eat dog’ world out there…

And some choose not to have relationship with their Higher Power AND ALSO they refuse to do the crazy hard work of getting rich!

In that case, I say, be afraid, be very afraid because they are subject to every horrid thing out there. Government changes will affect them and they will be VICTIM to change in policies. And yes, they will feel hard done by because other people are making all the choices for them and these people do not always have your best interests at heart. And so yep, they choose to blame the rich for all their ills but it just makes them more of a victim.

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The better you know yourself, the more you will be able to make decisions that are good for you. It’s important in order to create a life that matters and is meaningful to you. For most of us it’ll take probably as much courage as Christopher Columbus needed to sail into the unknown. Nevertheless, I highly recommend and encourage you to take this leap of faith. You might even discover a whole new continent of hidden talents, skills and helpful resources inside of you. 😉⠀

Over to you! We’d love to find out about your discoveries, insights and challenges of your inner journeys. Please share in the comments.

I need moooore 🌙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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"The bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow." No matter what you're going through shine bright, be yourself, keep your held high, because you will make it through 💕🌈 #staystrong #staybeautiful #loveyourself #staytrue #addsomecolor #shinebright #empoweryourself

Another Success Story !!! My success story:
3 years ago after losing a family member I starting getting nervous and anxious due to pressure to succeed in school, work and social life. I wasn't sure how to deal with it so I just let it be for the time. During tests I could barely manage to put a word onto a piece of paper without scribbling. After three years of struggling to cope with these anxious and nervous feelings I started going to gym which helped a bit but not a lot. So I did some research on strategies on how to cope with anxiety and none of them really worked. One day this year I was just on looking on face book and saw Scott posted about any adults that have teens who are struggling with mental illnesses such as anxiety I can help you with strategies to cope with these feelings. So I messaged Scott to confirm a date and time and went from their basically. I as feeling nervous when I first met Scott but I slowly got relaxed with how nice and easy going he was. After the first session I tested out situations where I would normally be nervous and I was surprised that I could actually control these feelings and not have to love a life of being controlled. I am so thankful for Scott's guidance as otherwise I would still be a nervous wreck.
Jed, Sydney
Please note the photo and surname have been changed due to privacy of the client

How many ideas have you stifled today?

How much time have you wasted overthinking and second-guessing?

How many times can I tell you - This is a FAITH WALK!

You will not get more certain by thinking more about it

You will not be more sure by waiting and procrastinating... You have to choose to move forward in trust that you will be taken care of... that there is nothing you cannot deal with... that YOU DO KNOW what is best to do next to further your mission... That you are EXACTLY the right person to deliver your product/service/whatever to YOUR people... That it will work!

that even though you have never done it before, today is a great day to start and to learn and to conquer!

Honey, the world awaits your awakening!

Step up!

#JustThinkingOutLoud #LiveLifeDeliberately
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My journey of where I am today began four and a half years ago.
I was living a life that wasn’t authentic. I wasn’t me. I lost me along the way. I wasn’t the happy social butterfly that I once was. I wasn’t that free spirit. I wasn’t doing what I enjoyed. I wasn’t living my life the way I desired. I wasn’t living my highest worth. I resented who I had become.
I was anxious and angry. I was constantly questioning who I was, my worth, and the lifestyle I was living. I was living a toxic lifestyle in fear, which contributed to anxiety, and self medicating.
I was constantly telling myself if things or people changed I would be happier.

NOT TRUE!!! The only person you have control of is YOU!

I am the only one who could make the choice to change my life to be happier. So I made the choice. I made the choice and took action. The beginning tools of my happiness started with what I call my daily rituals. After implementing these various tools I learned from high end coaches and mentors my friends and I noticed a shift in various ways... my mindset… less anxious… calmer and less reactive… I felt in alignment… I felt empowered and didn’t need approval from anyone else!

Can you relate? Do you feel out of balance? Do you question who you are or your worth? Do you feel you are living for others and not for yourself? Do you feel you have a lot of problems in your life and you need some solitude?

This is your opportunity to create a shift! This is your time to open yourself up to opportunities… create balance and feel in alignment… genuinely love yourself and others… bring more joy into your life and others… be happy!

Learn to incorporate practical tools for daily use in your life. Everything in life starts with a choice, your choice, followed by action. Baby steps. That's all you have to take... baby steps.

Join me for my program SIX WEEKS OF SOUL-CARE! Six weeks of practical self-care and soul-care tools to create positive shifts in your life! This program will be run live, with me as your mentor.



Comment or message me with questions!

We do not live our life in a plastic bubble, nor do we live life completely independent of other people. We may think we are an island and we don’t need anyone’s help, but we rely on people and need their help all the time. When we recognize our inter-reliance we can begin to understand how we can make a Hell Yeah! impact.

I started competing in body building 4 yrs ago and absolutely developed a passion for this sport. I learned through experience what works for me and what doesn't; what safe vs unsafe training is; that I feel empowered in this sport which has driven me to pursue a personal training cert. I am so excited to intern and job shadow under my amazing coach @tracyfalkenthalifbbpro @tracysbodywerks as I pursue sharing my passion to coach other athletes in their competition prep and journey. I pride myself in being a #cleanathlete #naturalathlete and believe clean/natural competing can be done. Summer '17 goals: new adventures w my competing and focusing on my training and internship. So. . . I'm UNPLUGGING to #focusontraining #pursueyourpassion #futurecompetitioncoach #cleanathlete #naturalathlete #eatcleantrainclean #ilovethisport #empoweryourself #fitat44 #fitmomof4 #fitover40 #fitinmy40s #successfulseason #summer17goals #myjourneycontinues #unplugging #everthankful #evergrateful #empowerothers

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