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Omg how cute is this Selena Grace Bag! Cant wait to get my hands on it :) Its not just a normal bag, it has a powerful message to it which is why i love it so much as i believe in empowering one another!
Wanna get one for yourself too? SURPRISEEEEE! Win a handbag that has been signed by @selenagomez herself!
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GOODLUCK BABIES ❤️ #CoachxSelena #SUPERGIRLS #EmpoweringWomen

You should never be afraid to show your progress . Big or small , it's taken me years to realize what my body is truly capable of .
Just because I don't compete , doesn't mean I'm not allowed to show some skin .
These last couple months , my mind and body has been on overdrive . Crushing my workouts , eating my meals , sleeping good and drinking my complete gallon . My mentality has changed which lead me to see more results in the gym and in my life .
I am not a size 0 (shit my 1 leg wouldn't even be a size 0 lol)
I do this for every woman no matter what shape or size . Every woman is beautiful , and I will prove to society that , that is true .
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PS : the white bottoms are a bathing suit from @bluebodybrazil_fit

True story never lower your standards to make anyone interested . Anyone who wants to be in your life will rise up and meet those standards 💛
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Some couples dance... Some eat... Some sing... AND SOME LIFT! 😉💪👊

Hello folks! Two quick announcements! 🎺

For those who registered for Super Chat Session on Friday: PLEASE CHECK MAIL! ✉️📫Only those who respond to the email by tomorrow night will be considered confirmed. 😶

For internship applicants: shortlisted candidates have been emailed. Please respond immediately to book your interview. 👩🏽‍💻👩🏻‍💼Those who didn't get the email, don't worry. I have you in the loop and when a new internship opportunity opens up, i'll make sure to consider your app first! 🤓

Okay thanks! ❤️ #supersumayah #supertimes #empoweryourself #empoweringwomen #empower #instablogger #blogger #travelblogger #gender #genderequality #superchat #womenshealth #womenempowerment


✨Who made your necklace? What about your earrings? One of the best parts of shopping with us is knowing the story behind the product! These sweet women want to say thank you for buying their jewelry !! #shopsmart #purchasewithpurpose
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I may not always say the right things, I can be very loud even when whispering, sometimes I forget things (which is why I always write things down)🤷🏽‍♀️...there was a time I tried very hard not to be these things, but I know now this is just ME!! .
I rather be weird than be who I am not!! Yup I'm limited Edition 😜

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I'm so proud of my dear friend Ally Loprete of @thislilparent on the release of her new book, 'You Got This!' It's an awesome inspirational and motivational book for women and modern moms. I highly recommend you picking up a copy at Amazon! Congrats Ally!! You should also follow her here on IG too. 🍾🥂🎉

Where are my fellow phenomenal women?!?!

Digitally printed & Ethically made! 👌🏻✨ Find the NEW Secret Life of Hummingbirds Collection at naja.co #linkinbio #secretlifeofhummingbirds #digitallyprinted #ecoconscious #strappythong #bralette #empoweringwomen #lingerie #unretouched #lovenaja

The struggle doesn't come from being lost or not knowing your purpose. .
It comes from the struggle between your heart (your true self) and your ego (the self that keeps us safe). .
There's a way that we can tap into what we truly want and to be tuned into ourselves in a way that we can figure out what we truly want from any given situation. We can remove blocks, release fears and navigate our way through the stuckness, overwhelm and emotional mess. .
It just takes a little courage. .
And it's the type of courage that requires us to go within, tapping into the power of our emotions. .
Emotions aren't supposed to be scary. .
They are the compass in life that helps direct us to a life full of happiness, abundance and peace if we let them. .
Emotions are there to be feared, they are actually a source of great clarity, direction and powerhouse to steer us towards everything that we desire. .
We've just lost the ability to listen. .
To tune into our bodies. .
And to harness the energy and great wisdom behind all emotion. .
There is so much power in harnessing the energy behind emotion and using it in a way to empower ourselves to create both internally and externally everything we've always dreamed of.
This is my belief, my passion and my mission in the world to help women understand this. It's what I coach women through in both my one on one client work and also my group program. .
Not only do I feel it, breathe it and believe it, i live it, embody it and have learned through it. .
I've just opened up enrolments for my Healing Through Feeling group coaching program starting on the 25th September. .
It's a course designed to help you learn about your emotions and learn how to navigate them. You'll also learn how to: .
✨Reconnect to your body, intuition and emotional wellbeing
✨Gain confidence in your own skin
✨Reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety
✨Create mental clarity, focus and motivation
✨Practice mindfulness and being present with your emotions
For more info click the link in my bio 💜✨
#healing #emotions #groupcourse #feelings #perthcoach #lifecoach #empoweringwomen #intentions #love #grounded

#oftd same spot, same energy. Told kiddo to take a picture he said " im not a photographer" Odd statement. Of course you're not. Took you 12 tries to properly capture the essence of the moment. Anyway, outfit killing for the evening workout.

Each time you have that nagging voice that tells you that you are “no good” you have two choices you can listen to the voices and believe that you are “no good” or you can find ways to lessen their power over you.

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