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"Olet ihan silleen rauhassa ja esittelet niitä kauluksia." No mitä! #kunetooihanvarma #mitähelvettiäpititaasnäytellä #purkissaekalla #emotionallyunstable

This is her face whenever I show her affection, no joke 😂 but she always accepts my love eventually #emotionallyunstable #trustissues #herfacetho #hilarious #friendshipgoalsaf

Photo credit to @christongtongtong
People change
Feelings change
Simply means that sometimes when people grow
They grow apart
#發up瘋 #moody #emotionallyunstable #又嚟料

Perfect all around 😍 #edsheeran #emotionallyunstable

My life described by a chair
#emotionallyunstable #fml

It's National "Post A Selfie So Your Friends Know You're Alive" Day! No longer stable enough to socialize or communicate with your friends and loved ones like you used to? Well, today is for YOU! #holidays #celebrate #festivities #emotionallyunstable

The Gamecocks lost, but it was a win for me getting to see my very best friend and my number 1 man! Love you both more than life. #alreadypostedthispic #rulebreaker #emotionallyunstable #thankscarolina


This rental car is legit trying to kill me. I have almost wrecked it twice😒 (not my fault!) yesterday a guy tried to turn left from the right hand lane when I was in the left lane. It is two lanes one way. He just missed me because I laid on the horn and swerved around. This morning this guy was in my cup holder. Now, I have come a LONG way with my spider fear! However, getting this guy safely out of here and into my yard was not easy🤣 I simply can't kill them anymore. I equate killing spiders because I'm creeped out by them to the hate going on in this world between different ethnicities and religions. That may seem like a drastic leap to most but I feel it is quite alike. Just because I fear these harmless (most of them!) creatures doesn't mean that I should kill them. It took about ten minutes before I quit feeling like something was crawling on me😂 I'm praying today goes well and the shitteth does not hit the fanneth. There is a very good chance it is going to and I'm so unstable right meow🤷‍♀️ #spiders #rentalcar #overcomeyourfears #emotionallyunstable #imatmylimit

There's nothing extraordinary in me .. I'm just a typical girl who is trying to mature to understand the circumstances and make reasons of things that makes no sense to me at all .

Time to sort myself out & try get this antipsychotic weight gone. I’m finally alert & not sedated enough to actually function properly so time to start exercising/running again.
Before I started uni I managed so well to loose weight- almost 3 stone but then since becoming unwell & changing meds to Quetiapine. It’s been amazing with my mental health but I’ve gained a lot of weight.
Now the only issue with it is the crazy intense hunger 30 mins after taking my meds. I’ve come up with a strategy with sugar free lollipops.
Really hoping this time I can get back in control because I feel disgusting & hate who I am.
#mentalhealth #mentalillness #anxiety #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #borderline #eupd #emotionallyunstable #emotions #depression #dissociation #psychosis #antipsychotics #weightgain #weightloss #paranoia #meds #communicationdisorder #outpatient

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