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"Intellectual knowledge tells us about the world. It gives us knowledge about things, not knowledge OF them. It does not reveal the world as it is. Only emotional knowledge can do that."-MacMurray, 1992 #hoops #shed #trees #barns #upstateny #emotionalknowledge

"Peace from Broken Pieces" by Iyanla Vanzant


16 Signs of an Emotionally Mature and Emotionally Available Man by J.B. Snow

Many women go out into the dating world with misinformation. We listen to what our family's values are, we compare our fathers to other men, and then we find a man that fits the 'ideal' that we all have in our heads of the 'perfect' man. We have grown up with our fathers as the image of a perfect husband in our mind, even if our fathers were far from perfect husbands. We think these are the men that we should pursue. But the truth is that these values and morals that are instilled in us ultimately lead to relationships which are unhealthy, boring, or mismatched.
There are many things that are wrong with this picture. First, if your family values hard work, perseverance and perfectionism, you may look for a man who has all of the classical signs and symptoms of a personality disorder called OCPD, a disorder that can be classified as 'negative perfectionism'. Men with OCPD are workaholics, perfectionists, rigid and critical. They are difficult to live with and maintain a relationship with.
The media flashes scenes of 'knights in shining armor' in front of our eyes. We value strong men. We value the stoic personality. We base our romantic choices on looks and romantic gestures instead of basing them on emotional stability and availability as a partner. We go for the good looking, strong and handsome man. We look for a protector, even one who might be aggressive towards us later on. We look for men who are good providers, but who have only honed in their earning power and work skills. They haven't put any efforts into relationship building or learning how to be good husbands or fathers


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Good Night My Dear Friends.....

"Intellectual knowledge tells us about the world. It gives us knowledge about things, not knowledge OF them. It does not reveal the world as it is. Only emotional knowledge can do that."-MacMurray, 1992 #hoops #shed #trees #barns #upstateny #emotionalknowledge

Today feels like the end of a vacation. The boys have therapy today. These therapists are new. This will be their second week now that the assessments are complete. My oldest kicked ass last week, but that means nothing for today. Little guy his therapist wasn't paying attention during assessments and immediately began on the wrong foot. She's fresh out of school. See, oddly for intense treatment such as my boys need licensed therapists won't touch them. It's too much work. So, we get kids fresh from school. People learning how to be therapeutic off my kids. Because a book, a lecture can't teach you how to meet the patient where they're at. It reminds me of my expectations as a pregnant woman, pregnant with my first born. All my ideas on what my birth would be like, the type of mother I'd be. How little I knew. My birth?! Yeah, right! Baby comes as baby sees fit. Anyway, little ones therapist isn't likely to make a difference in his life if she can't relax and talk to him on his level. I'll get off my soap box now, because I've got a lot to learn through this as well.

Dance with Me
Dance with my Wind
Dance with my Water
Dance with my Fire
Dance with my Earth
Dance with my Demons
Dance with my Angels
Dance with my Highs
Dance with my Lows
Dance with my Love
Dance with my Hate
Dance with my Bliss
Dance with my Chaos
Dance with my Beauty
Dance with my Grotesque
Dance with my Happiness
Dance with my Pain
Dance with my Infinity
Dance with my Mortal
Dance with all of Me
Dance with all of Me
Dance with all of Me

"Peace from Broken Pieces" by Iyanla Vanzant

"Waves care little,
for the love of their Queen and Crown 'Till their master Moon,
a stranger, from the heavens, pulled down.' Now they rise in her boner, Serenade and cares her, Their masters' charms, a force, She never, 'till now, has known." @2kerryny #AmazingPoet #gofollownow #supportourpoets #spilledink #intellectualpoem #emotionalknowledge #poemafterdark #collaborationsaccepted #poetswritersjournalistsartists #poetrysociety #poetrycommunity #comewritewithus #poeticacademypoetry

Seminar "EQ dan Pelayanan" GSRI Jabodetabek di STT IMAN, "Menjadi pelayan sosial dan Tuhan" yg cerdas emosinya. #EQ #emotionalknowledge #anthonydiomartin

2 Days Workshop "EQ at Work" utk Team Leader di Probesco, Jakarta 8-9 Juni 2015. Wow..Fantastic Team! #EQM #eq #anthonydiomartin #maxsandy #Probesco #seminar #kecerdasanemosi #emotionalknowledge #emosi

Isi liburan anak Anda dgn sesuatu yg bermanfaat..mari segera investasikan anak anda unt mengikuti training kecerdasan emosional unt remaja, EQM for Youth. 18-20Juni2015
#emotionalknowledge #EQM #EQ #kecerdasanemosi #Youth #remaja #smp #sma #investasi #liburan #anthonydiomartin #maxsandy #dianmardi #hrexcellency

Received my copy of, "The Language of Emotions" by Karla McLaren and read this quote in the preface. So true! Our emotions should be explored and celebrated and given the time to express themselves. Can't wait to dive deeper into this book. Ironically too or perhaps synchronistic I was just talked about the emotional healing benefits of essential oils and how they create space for us to dive deeper into our emotional selves.

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