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"Peace from Broken Pieces" by Iyanla Vanzant

"Intellectual knowledge tells us about the world. It gives us knowledge about things, not knowledge OF them. It does not reveal the world as it is. Only emotional knowledge can do that."-MacMurray, 1992 #hoops #shed #trees #barns #upstateny #emotionalknowledge

Simple..... #Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including as one's capacity for #logic, #understanding, #selfawareness, #learning, #emotionalknowledge, #planning, #creativity, and #problemsolving. It can be more generally described as the ability to #perceive information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards #adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.

Intelligence is most widely studied in humans, but has also been observed in non-human animals and in plants. #Artificialintelligence is intelligence in machines. It is commonly implemented in computer systems using program software.

Within the discipline of #psychology, various approaches to human intelligence have been adopted. The #psychometric approach is especially familiar to the general public, as well as being the most researched and by far the most widely used in practical settings. Not to be confused with Genus. For other uses, see Genius (disambiguation).
A genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creative productivity, universality in genres or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge. Despite the presence of scholars in many subjects throughout history, many geniuses have shown high achievements in only a single kind of activity. There is no #scientifically #precise definition of genius,and the question of whether the notion itself has any real meaning has long been a subject of debate,although #psychologists are #converging on a definition that emphasizes creativity and eminent achievement. Usually #genius is associated with #talent, but many authors (for example Cesare Lombroso) systematically distinguish these terms.The assessment of intelligence was initiated by Francis #Galton (1822–1911) and James McKeen #Cattell. They had advocated the analysis of reaction time and sensory acuity as measures of "neurophysiological efficiency" and the analysis of sensory acuity as a measure of intelligence.[8]

#Galton is regarded as the founder of #psychometry. He studied the work of his older half-cousin Charles #Darwin about #biological #evolution.

Good Night My Dear Friends.....


I am a huge crybaby. I cry over the dumbest shit imaginable. But I wasn't always that way. I used to hate crying, especially in front of other people. I would shove that shit down to the darkest, deepest depths of my soul in hopes I could drown the bastards. I felt that sadness made me look weak, childish, and tragically vulnerable. And I could not have that. I was too cool, too put together. So I just would t cry- I simply ignore the impulse, the feelings, and move on with my life. But that doesn't mean the sadness wasn't there; it was always in me, probably even more so because I wasn't dealing with it in a healthy and personally honest way. But, like #LouisCK says here, one day the sadness will just creep up and boil over and you'll be forced to give in...and you'll cry. And cry. And cry some more. You'll cry big, ugly, guttural sobs complete with oozing snot and wheezing breath and red, puffed up eyes. And then, as if by some kind of magic, you'll feel okay again. You'll feel better than okay. Now I cry all the time. If I feel sad, I cry. If something touches my soul, I cry. If I'm so happy or relieved, I'll probably start crying. I've learned that crying doesn't mean you're weak- quite the opposite, in fact. It means you've decided to face the hurt, the pain, the sadness, the joy, confusion, elation and everything in between that life hurtles your way and you let it hit you head on, at full-force. It's allowing yourself to be your fullest, clearest you. Which is the strongest, bravest, the most fucking transcendent thing you can do in this life. .
Thanks to @neil_strauss for sharing this video and to #LouisCK for being so right about so many things.
#crying #emotions #repression #emotionalknowledge #emotionaliq #louisck #neilstrauss #truth #youareokay #feelings #emotionalhonesty #beyourbestself #growth

Good Night My Dear Friends.....

"Intellectual knowledge tells us about the world. It gives us knowledge about things, not knowledge OF them. It does not reveal the world as it is. Only emotional knowledge can do that."-MacMurray, 1992 #hoops #shed #trees #barns #upstateny #emotionalknowledge

Today feels like the end of a vacation. The boys have therapy today. These therapists are new. This will be their second week now that the assessments are complete. My oldest kicked ass last week, but that means nothing for today. Little guy his therapist wasn't paying attention during assessments and immediately began on the wrong foot. She's fresh out of school. See, oddly for intense treatment such as my boys need licensed therapists won't touch them. It's too much work. So, we get kids fresh from school. People learning how to be therapeutic off my kids. Because a book, a lecture can't teach you how to meet the patient where they're at. It reminds me of my expectations as a pregnant woman, pregnant with my first born. All my ideas on what my birth would be like, the type of mother I'd be. How little I knew. My birth?! Yeah, right! Baby comes as baby sees fit. Anyway, little ones therapist isn't likely to make a difference in his life if she can't relax and talk to him on his level. I'll get off my soap box now, because I've got a lot to learn through this as well.

Dance with Me
Dance with my Wind
Dance with my Water
Dance with my Fire
Dance with my Earth
Dance with my Demons
Dance with my Angels
Dance with my Highs
Dance with my Lows
Dance with my Love
Dance with my Hate
Dance with my Bliss
Dance with my Chaos
Dance with my Beauty
Dance with my Grotesque
Dance with my Happiness
Dance with my Pain
Dance with my Infinity
Dance with my Mortal
Dance with all of Me
Dance with all of Me
Dance with all of Me

"Peace from Broken Pieces" by Iyanla Vanzant

"Waves care little,
for the love of their Queen and Crown 'Till their master Moon,
a stranger, from the heavens, pulled down.' Now they rise in her boner, Serenade and cares her, Their masters' charms, a force, She never, 'till now, has known." @2kerryny #AmazingPoet #gofollownow #supportourpoets #spilledink #intellectualpoem #emotionalknowledge #poemafterdark #collaborationsaccepted #poetswritersjournalistsartists #poetrysociety #poetrycommunity #comewritewithus #poeticacademypoetry

Seminar "EQ dan Pelayanan" GSRI Jabodetabek di STT IMAN, "Menjadi pelayan sosial dan Tuhan" yg cerdas emosinya. #EQ #emotionalknowledge #anthonydiomartin

2 Days Workshop "EQ at Work" utk Team Leader di Probesco, Jakarta 8-9 Juni 2015. Wow..Fantastic Team! #EQM #eq #anthonydiomartin #maxsandy #Probesco #seminar #kecerdasanemosi #emotionalknowledge #emosi

Isi liburan anak Anda dgn sesuatu yg bermanfaat..mari segera investasikan anak anda unt mengikuti training kecerdasan emosional unt remaja, EQM for Youth. 18-20Juni2015
#emotionalknowledge #EQM #EQ #kecerdasanemosi #Youth #remaja #smp #sma #investasi #liburan #anthonydiomartin #maxsandy #dianmardi #hrexcellency

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