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🌕NEW MOON IN CANCER 🌕 As a Grand Fire Trine joins this Cancer New Moon, we are not only called to embrace the watery realms of emotion, intuition and care but also how these things fold into our creative lives. How do we nurture our passion? In what ways do we ask for support when we need it? Cancer is the cardinal nurterer, engaging in the emotional labor of carrying their own water and bearing that of those around them as well. This practice requires boundaries, knowledge of our limits, engagement with our passionate and creative selves and an acknowledgement of our unwavering path so as not to be consumed by the work of wading through water. Take this time to reflect on your emotional output and how to be sustainably engaged in deep water work, but also remember that this is a New Moon! It's time to manifest and co-create your best future with whatever creative endeavor the universe is offering you at this time. Wishing you happy spellcrafting and newfound clarity in this potent time, Xx Jaliessa

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This morning I skipped the gym.
Well actually I called my trainer last night and told him that my body needed rest more than it needed the gym.
And I let myself sleep in this morning until 8am.
But, I used to completely avoid the gym.
I felt intimidated.
I didn't know what to do.
I felt embarrassed .
And I was so afraid to face my shit.
When I move my body my emotions get stirred up, and I avoided that at all costs.
And last but not least, exercise time is usually a big shame party. "I hate you I hate you I hate you. Why did you gain this weight. Why can't you look like her."
So you can see why I spent about 6 years never setting foot in a gym or doing any workout.
Ultimately I feared being someone I despised. I had made an enemy.
As long as thin fit people were the enemy I got to avoid my shit. "The greatest human need we have is to stay consistent with how we define ourselves" -Tony Robbins.
If I identify as someone who doesn't like to work out, who isn't a gym rat, who isn't thing, who isn't fit etc. I'm definitely not going to the gym.
So, I had to change the dialogue.
I had to change the language from workout/exercise to movement.
I may not like to exercise, but I like to move.
And so now I can ask my body, "How do you want to move today?" And begin to change the shame to love.
Every time I move my body, I speak loving affirmations to it. Thank it for being strong and resilient. I change my inner monologue.
And lastly, I change my identity.
I am a person who loves to move my body.
I am someone who likes to sweat.
I get energy from moving.
I love when my body feels strong.
It's been a huge huge game changer and now I don't avoid the gym.
If my body is tired, I let it sleep.
But y'all I can't wait to get back there and kick some ass!

They say it takes one moment to let go. I choose to disagree , I think if it takes only one moment then you never held on tight enough.....#changes #growth #emotionalhealing.

Why do you think your sensitivity is a sign of weakness? Why expressing your feelings make you feel vulnerable? Why showing your emotions make you feel fragile? Your emotions, your sensitivity, your ability to feel makes you human it makes you unique. You are beautiful when you feel otherwise your are not living. Often we are told to hide our feelings, often we are asked to be less sensitive, often we are told not to express so openly, why? because then you become an easy target to get hurt. But we are already surrounded by people where all pretend to be strong and bold, only because they feel not expressing is a sign of boldness. But ask yourself if you can’t feel how will you love? If you can’t express how will you live? It’s easier to pretend and fake your feelings but it takes a strong heart to open up and express. If you don’t express, you can’t empathize, you can't empathize with the wrong doings and tragedies of the world and we don't need more people who are often taught that strength lies in hiding your feelings and not vice versa. If you are sensitive towards being lied or disrespected you will not disrespect or lie to others because you know how exactly does it feel to be lied or disrespected. If you feel bad about being ignored or being treated badly you will not ignore or treat someone bad because you will know how exactly does it feel to be ignored. So don't hide your feelings don't stop yourself from expressing them openly because the world needs your love it needs more unique and different people like you. So promise yourself to be at peace with your sensitivity and with your love to express everything openly, so stop hiding it instead cherish it proudly.

Did a small session on Snapchat yesterday sharing the snippet of it.

It's day 4 in our #GetYourZFlowOn today's asana is #halfmoon ardha chandrasana. I invite all you awesome yogis to join in the fun. #yogachallenge #yoga Join us to get your ZFlow on! End your June with the perfect yoga challenge #GetYourZFlowOn!!✨i
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Day 1: Virabhadrasana I // Warrior I
Day 2: Virabhadrasana II // Warrior II
Day 3: Virabhadrasana III // Warrior III
Day 4: Ardha Chandrasana // Half Moon
Day 5: Utthita Parsvakonasana // Extended Side Angle
Day 6: Natarajasana // King Dancers
Day 7: Eka Pada Koundiyasana // Running Person
Day 8: Bhujangasana or Dhanurasana // Cobra or Bow
Day 9: Urdhva Dhanurasana // Wheel
Day 10: Bakasana or Parsva Bakasana// Crow or Side Crow
Day 11: Utkatasana // Chair
Day 12: Salamba Sirsasana or Mayurasana // Handstand or Peacock 🎉
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#emotionalhealing #abuse # survivor # advocate #educator #journey

It's always your path to true healing...#healingfromtheinsideout #emotionalhealing #mindbodysoulwellness

There shall be no oil left behind when in China🤣 Thankful for mini oil drams like this that allow me to bring a few precious 💦 of everything just in case. And because emotional healing is as important (or more so!) than physical healing, I've created a custom trauma blend to start using on our son right away to help him with his transition to our family💙 #travel #chinaadoption #adoption #emotionalhealing #essentialoils

Yes, we have the strength to control our fear. Changes can be scary...and multiple changes at the same time can make us feel like our world has been forever shaken, but no matter what the situation is we can still learn from it and grow.
It can be hard to find the positive life lesson on a devastating event like sickness or the loss of a loved one but once we allow the situation to sink in, #meditate, #breathe, and #SURRENDER we can start to see things differently.
My mom over the past year has had multiple spine surgeries and recently lost her #father. Her world has changed upside down and even though life won't be the same that doesn't mean it will be bad.
Different is good too. Times like these are opportunities to reflect, #appreciate, and rise stronger and wiser.
Maybe we can't go on crazy hikes in Icelandic volcanos anymore but we can walk by them and still be amazed by their incredible beauty and surrender to the magic of nature.
The loss of such an important person in her life changed our future forever but we are grateful to have been #blessed with the experience of having had such a loving and wonderful dad/puppy grandpa...many people were not able to have such a beautiful experience and for that we are greatful.
We surrender to what is. Delight on the wonderful memories. Appreciate all the #wisdom he taught us and the love we shared.
We will miss him always and know that he will always be present in our hearts. We will meet again in the #astral plane and rejoice on the light, love, and cosmic wisdom that belongs to the universal source of higher #consciousness and #oneness.
If you find my words to be helpful and know of someone going through tough #lifechanges, tag them on this post.
As always, I love you! And I send you much love, light, and puppy kisses 💖🌟🐶💋 #mentalhealth #soul #lifelessons #itwillgetbetter
#selfhealing #buddhism #spirituality #starseed #spiritualgrowth #emotionalhealing #itwillbeok #staypositivealways #innerpeace #liveandlove #spiritualhealing #meditation #keepyourheadup #emotionalhealth #stayhopeful


This world needs more love.
Do you feel like you are worthy of love? Do you feel appreciated in your relationships? Share this message if it resonates with you. The earth needs more love, we, need more love. Begin today.

Just know that it's possible to move on even if it takes you along time. Just remember that you aren't alone and that it's okay to let go our loved ones will understand 💜 they still love us 💚

New Moon intention setting with the Sacred Pie Society online Circle with @pleasureninja deeply honoured for having a space to be and allow magic and dreams flow. Goodnight sisters! #newmoonmagic #intentionsetting #makingdreamscometrue

🔮CARD OF THE DAY: Pause and reflect on your achievements, big or small, progress is still progress! Perfect for the New Moon Energy today.
🛒 The Sacred Power Reading Cards available 1st July, Preorder now using the link in my bio or Contact @rockpoolpublishing. .
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My prayer is for healing and I want healing in all aspects of my life. I'm at a point, that I don't want to be bound to anything. I want to be FREE. Tonight's message is about emotional healing. Emotions are defined as "any strong agitation of the feelings actuated by experiencing love, hate, fear, etc., and usually accompanied by certain physiological changes, as increased heartbeat or respiration, and often overt manifestation, as crying or shaking" (dictionary.com). Sometimes in life we let emotions get the best of us. Currently, I am dealing with a situation with whether to keep a friendship with someone or just let it go. Every time I try to deal with the situation it's unresolved & I end up feeling some type of way. I ask God why I can't get over this & he told me clear as day "Monika you are angry." That's why y'all can't speak to each other like you should and it often ends up in a argument or us not talking. Or me acting as though everything is okay, when in actuality things are not okay. Often times, when one is angry it leads to them expressing themselves in inappropriate and unhealthy ways. At times I have said or done some hurtful things, some intentionally others unintentionally. In Ephesians 4:26 it states "Be ye angry, and sin not; let not the sun go down upon you wrath." It's okay to be angry, but do not sin. When we sin in anger it just builds onto the fire. With this particular relationship, I have so many fires to put out because I let anger get the best of me. I have pinpointed some roots of the anger but not all. With the roots I have pinpointed I haven't giving them to God. As you deal with emotions from the past or present learn to bring them to God immediately for healing and restoration. He can and will remove all the negative feelings.

Ephesians 4:31-32 " 31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:
32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." #thehealingseries #emotions #positive #freedom #healing

Happy Fitness Fun Friday!! At Walk This Way, we believe that being emotionally and physically fit are vital keys to a successful life! Just walking 30 minutes a day can relieve stress, tone your muscles and give you balance and coordination. So go for a walk today. You got the power, chin-up!
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Self-reflection is the journey these weeks, despite all the temporary frustrations that prevent it from easily happening. Indeed oppression itself can be part of the theme we're observing with asteroid Ceres opposing Saturn just as the Cancer season begins. We are realizing just how difficult it is to get our true emotional needs met in our given world and we our unwrapping our wounds in order to discover our deeper story of how we've developed our specific emotional needs. Mercury passes the Sun as they both enter the sign of Cancer the 21st and square Chiron before being joined by the new moon on Friday the 23rd. Issues revolve around the past, our upbringing, our family, our home are showing their relevancy as we look deeper to what we each as totally unique beings truly need to feel safe. Between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron all stationed these weeks there is a deep existential uncertainty which is beckoning us to go very deep, and very behind the scenes into the darker recesses of our makeup and unconsciousness. We are incubating fundamental readjustments of our very purpose for being, beliefs, ideals and goals for living our lives and being a human. Much of the frustration comes from bridging that deep spiritual yearning and purpose with our often seemingly trivial, mechanical or prison-like world. Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto can either take on too much or give away too much, but either way, explosive passion or crippling lethargy may seem to come at all the wrong moments and really provoke us to re-prioritize how we are handling and spending our energy, physically and emotionally. Being aware of what is uncomfortable will allow us to figure out how to treat it, where as trying to sweep it all under the rug is much like shooting ourselves in the foot. The important thing is that we really tune in deeply and don't discard any of our needs, don't feel pressured or add to our own pressure just because the world or others can be convincing, our emotional body can inform us only as much as we can slow down and create a safe-space for it to process.

#rasalilahealing #astrology #horoscope #zodiac #newmoon #cancer

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