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Hello Bumblebee! She thought he was so cool to see, and we had to pick her up to move on to the next part of the museum. What a way to start start our Children's Museum visit!

What a day! I love family days. We took full advantage of the holiday and spent it playing at the CHILDREN'S MUSEUM!! We had so much fun! That place is incredible!

Time to get up! It's Super Bowl Sunday! We've got FOOTBALL to watch!!

Peek-a-boo, I see you Emmie Shae! Silly girl!!❤👨‍👩‍👧

My whole family together on our wedding day. I love this picture. Emmie had so much fun

Wana play princess in the castle??

These two just cant get enough of eachother! Playing tug of war all day long! They are best buddies for sure! Now if only we could get Coal to play too...

She is so silly! Playing with her goldfish. What a goofball

So many presents! We didn't know where to begin!

I love this picture @kenn.indy took of our little girl #emmieshae in her red dress!

We hosted our first Christmas in our new house, #emmieshae got lots of great presents, watched a couple Christmas classics, at a huge brunch and discovered a new restaurant, and our wedding is days away. We're ending 2017 and starting 2018 with a bang! A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us to you!

I was lucky enough with little #emmieshae that she has always been a pretty good sleeper...but I definitely still understand the struggle!

This little girl is full of Christmas spirit!!

Me and #emmieshae just loungin! Love this girl

It's starting to get cold again! Better cozy up in a blankie to stay warm!

This is to funny not to share! #emmieshae was having a snack, rolling around on the floor, and trying to play with Hunter. Since she had food....and Hunter wanted it... every time she would reach out to pet him, he would put out his paw to shake in hopes of getting a little treat!! 😂😂😂

Today was most definitely a pajama day all day! Little stinker!

#emmieshae sure does love her baby! Decided to bring her blankie out of her crib too. -
She was so funny, when we sat on the couch and I brought her a snack, she sat down with baby next to her, covered eachother with blankie and sat watching cartoons eating her snacks like the perfect girl she is! Love her to pieces!

Now that Thanksgiving is over it's time to take down the fall decorations and get ready for Christmas! Caught #emmieshae helping daddy untangle the Christmas lights! The first tree is up, the mantle and banister all decorated. All thanks to our little helper!

Family photo! All dressed up to match. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! 🦃🦃

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