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#EmmaGirls in our #RoundSquare House attended a @DemocracyMatrz summit in Albany last weekend, where they heard from Zephyr Teachout speak about her experience running for congress and offer advice for making positive change in the world. Her advice: run for office! #EmmaWillard

Spring has finally sprung at #EmmaWillard and #EmmaGirls have been enjoying every minute! Ms. Harrison shared this photo from a trip to Peeble’s Island State Park, where a group of girls enjoyed a brisk hike and the many beautiful views on Sunday.

We're so happy to have a wonderful group of girls and families with us at #EmmaWillard for our second Best Fit Day today! We hope the vibrancy and energy of our community impresses our guests as much as they have impressed us.

Campus is bustling as we welcome over 150 Grandparents and Special Friends today! Families are getting a first-hand look into life at Emma by attending presentations and performances from our #EWSSignature and #EmmaArtists programs. #EmmaWillard

Well one of us is going to have to change. I am so high off my own narcissism that I dressed to match my artwork on display for sale. (Yes it is #starrynight over #emmawillard because I was once hired as dinner entertainment for the bicentennial) #vangogh #lovingvincent @emmawillardschool

Friday’s festivities continued into the evening for the launch of this year’s edition of @triangleart2016, Emma’s arts and literary magazine. There were readings, performances, and refreshments. We loved seeing everyone in the garden supporting and celebrating each other’s work! Thank you, Charlotte C. ’17 for sharing these photos! #EmmaWillard #literarymagazine #Arts #Literature

It’s hard to lose count when you’re turning 230! Lucky for Madame #EmmaWillard, we’ve got her covered! #PartyLikeItIs1787

While some #EmmaGirls were enjoying their on-campus Shakespeare experience yesterday, girls in our AP Economics and AP US History classes traveled to Hyde Park, New York to the birthplace, lifelong home, and burial place of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States. #EmmaWillard

The fall #EmmaAthletics season is off to a great start.This weekend our varsity volleyball team competed in a tournament in Canajoharie, where they took home the second place trophy! Sam D. '17 brought home an additional medal for earning a spot on the tournament Allstar team. Go, #EmmaGirls! #GoJesters #EmmaWillard


We had a beautiful, unexpected visitor in Slocum today! 🦋 #EmmaWillard

서진이는 브라키오사우르스도 알고 케토톱도 안다 🐢그리고 나는 서진이 선글라스를 뿌쉈다 😎😔 혜리는 안보이지만 쪼기 있었다 #emmawillard #bonding #눈다래끼땜에화장못함

Girls Summer is ending today! What a great summer! #emmadining #emmawillard

Juliana had a cute little recital today to end her Girl Summer camp experience at Emma Willard! Not too shabby for 2 weeks of practice! #jules #mommysgirl #beautifulgirl #dancer #recital #emmawillard #emmaardgirlsummer #youreneverfullydressedwithoutasmile

More thoughtfulness from our #GirlSummer campers: "Think of the clock arms as your parent's arms hugging you when they are proud." 👩💭❤️ #EmmaWillard

Not much has changed in the past four years besides the awkward bangs and the Vera Bradley backpack #EmmaWillard

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