I stole this from one of my inside phone oopss
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Charming or David? ⚔️
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I’m bored and just had a 😍panic attack🥰 so I’m posting now

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burn it down - linkin park

overhated softie who deserves nothing but love! i highkey hate this edit but that’s fine i’m fine

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cc leah
dt anyone who wants it idk
app is video star

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america - logic

am i..gregnant? the vid in the beginning is definitely my favorite jen look yeet
legit so proud of this y’all better not let it flop

ac ephemeral
cc crustytutorials
dt belle, margee, yamamah, monica, poppy, kloe, alyssa, natalie, rose, and christy, phew that was a lot
app is videostar

Emma was so happy when she told everyone she was engaged skrjene
Dt Julia bc you needed this 🙃👶🏼

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