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And though you looked so cute in your polyester suit- you're right- I'd never fall for you at all.. ❣️[ #lalalandrp #emmastonerp #openrp #literaterp #dirtyrp #movierp ] [DM me if you'd like to rp! 💫]

Hey, I'm Mia.. Mia Dolan. I'm a girl from Boulder City with a passion for acting and a tendency of spilling coffee. Introduce yourself.. Before I have to go to another damn audition. 💫 [ #lalalandrp #emmastonerp #openrp #literaterp #dirtyrp #movierp ]

Emma Stone...

A long time ago there used to be true love. True love back then was where people cared about one another no matter what anyone else thought. I was in that time but the one person I thought I loved ended up being a player. What happened to those times where 'love at first sight' was true? I want to find a man who still holds that past feeling. Is there anyone out there? Who knows. My name is Emma Stone. Are you the man I've been looking for?
#emmastonerp #emmastone

Yo bitches, yo.

all my followers are my beloved friends, hoot hoot.
They are all advanced shits, so I'm going to be all advanced.

My hopes for this style is to be:
Clarice being a ghost in the murderhouse and she's a complete chill bean.

Blah blah I'll sort it later.

For now:
Toodaloo in the words of my spicebag, Alicia.

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