Love goes out to both @joeykidney and @emmablackery .
@joeykidney is struggling with something there is so much stigma against. His struggle is something that people are often accused of faking just because it isn’t an illness or injury that can be seen with the naked eye or any kind of scan. It’s such a hard thing for people who haven’t encountered it to actually understand, but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t empathize with ones who do experience it. As a person who struggles with a mental health issue and who has friends who struggle with it too, I truly understand what he’s going through. Also, I know that he isn’t “faking it” like many have accused him of. How? Not only have I experienced it, therefore making it easier for me to identify when others might be encountering it, but, due to certain aspects of my personality type, I can easily FEEL/pick up on what others are feeling, whether it’s someone I am physically around or just someone I watch a lot online.
@emmablackery , just as a start, I adore both your YouTube and your music. That said, if you quit YouTube at any point to put all of your creative energy into your music, I may be upset at first, but I’ll get over that initial disappointment and back your music with even more passion from “across the pond” in the state of Georgia (or possibly Tennessee hopefully starting in 2019) . As I said, I do love your music and do LOVE “Dirt” (though “Nothing Without You” and “Fear the Future” are still my faves). I can not wait to see where your music goes with your next single and your upcoming album. If there are physical copies of your album in the UK, I’d love if one were sent my way, because I know you are going to be such a big star and I want to say I had a copy of your album before anyone else over here and have been cheering you on since the beginning.

Love ya both Joey and Emma
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“Sorry but I tried, it was never mine and I can still pretend
I guess it all depends, still a little crazy all the time
But I still tried to hide it, that’s still mine.” - Marianas Trench

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