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I guess this is where you can say, "expect the unexpected". Yes, it's sounds so cliché, but it fits the bill so much. You get to a part where you think it'll all end there and it's the worst that could happen. But no, it just continues to get more twisted and worse than you thought it could ever be. I never wanted this series to end. To be honest, I'm still hung up on Seth and Emily. Their story has been such a roller coaster ride that I couldn't believe this is what closes their chapter already. Though I think it would be so much fun to give Pete a book, or even just a novella. And Garrett, oh that sure is going to be one hell of a ride. That small revelation in the end about him? I must say, I did not see that coming at all. And Garrett of all people.
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Are you ready for the last book in the Darkness series???
I know I'm not (yet)... 🙈🙈🙈
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#SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #JimmyLasko #OfficerConnors #OPD #TBR

Are you ready yet?
Seth, Emily, Lasko and the rest of the OPD are coming back September 1st! 💀🔪
Preorder: http://amzn.to/1PwLQOT
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Put this on your TBR or you will be haunted by the psycho Lasko. 🔪
Go back to the basement. Get reacquainted with the crew on September 1st! And if you haven't read Darkness Lurks yet, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? 😠
#DarknessFollows #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #JimmyLasko #OPD #OfficerConnors #BabblingChatterReads #RentasticReads

OH MY GOD. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK! My mind is seriously blown to smithereens. Holy Moses, that ending! I can't stop shouting out “what the fuck!”. I know I look like a deranged lunatic here, but covering my mouth didn't help any. I actually have the goosebumps. That is NOT what I was expecting. Or rather who. J.L. Drake has done it again. My jaw kept hitting the floor, I'm starting to feel sorry for it. This book is an amazing sequel to Darkness Lurks. It just keeps getting better and better. It keeps getting so fucked up. 🔪🔪🔪
This starts off exactly from where Darkness Lurks ended. Emily wakes up at the basement where Jimmy Lasko is keeping her hostage. My heart broke for both Emily and Seth. What they both went through is too much. That is a wound so deep you'll be needing a shit ton of time for it to heal. We also get to know more about Seth's family here, which was such a joy for me. I mean, finally! And Lasko, oh dear Lord, this man is more fucked up than ever. 💀 At some point I wanted to feel sorry for him because you will get a glimpse of why he's become who he is. More revelations about him will get your mind and gut so twisted. But then I couldn't. I can't feel sorry for a man who's done so much messed up things. And I still have mixed emotions about everybody. Now everything's starting to unfold and getting clearer, you still have no idea who can be in on it.

That ending definitely blew my mind off. It will make you want to fast forward the time so you can get your hands on Darkness Falls already. I know that's definitely how I'm feeling right now. Aside from all the chills from the shock of the revelations.
#DarknessFollows #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #JimmyLasko #OPD #OfficerConnors #BabblingChatterReads #RentasticReads #RentasticReviews
Put this on your TBR or you will be haunted by the psycho Lasko. 🔪 you'll be getting back with the crew on September 1st! And if you haven't read Darkness Lurks yet, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? 😠

Okay, I'm not coming up for air until I finish this baby. I'm so ready for more Seth & Emily! 💀💀💀 #BYE
#DarknessFollows #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #OPD #JimmyLasko #GarrettOBrian

I'm so fucking ready for more Seth Connors! #DarknessFollows will be out September 1st! Get this on your TBRs, babes! And if you haven't read Darkness Lurks yet, GET ON IT! 💀🔪
#JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #OPD #JimmyLasko

Are you ready? September 1st!!! 💀 2 more weeks before Darkness Follows is released! I'm soooooo pumped up for more of Seth Connors! 😍
#DarknessFollows #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #OPD #JimmyLasko

God. This book is beyond nuts! It will definitely leave you enraged and impatient to get on with the next book. You will have no regrets in diving into this one. It's addictive and suspenseful and drool-worthy. Now go read it!!! 💀💀💀
#DarknessLurks #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #OPD #JimmyLasko #BabblingChatterReads #RentasticReads #RentasticReviews

And Seth Connors—good God, the man is so damn delectable! 😩👅🔥 He's one alpha who may have guarded his entire personal life from other people, but loves hard and protects the people he considers his family. He may have held his feelings back for Emily, but it was for what he thinks is for the best. Oh, but he way he is with her though! He's so sweet and protective of her, you'd feel to your very core how much he cares about her. You would freaking melt every time. 😍 Did I mention he's a cop working for the OPD? Yeah, drool away. And feel free to serve and protect my ass anytime, Officer Connors. 😎👌🏼
#DarknessLurks #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #OPD #JimmyLasko #BabblingChatterReads #RentasticReads #RentasticReviews

Jimmy Lasko is one sick human being (if he even is one). 🙈 Every time his point of view comes on, I mentally cringe and feel nauseous of every single thing he does. He's so fucked up that I think everyone will find him just as creepy. He gives me the chills—the worse ones. I would die before I'd want to meet a sick one like this fucker. When (not if) you read this book, brace yourself extra tight when you get in his head. Just a fair warning. 🔪😲🔫
#DarknessLurks #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #OPD #JimmyLasko #BabblingChatterReads #RentasticReads #RentasticReviews

Oh my God. She's done it again!!! Hands down, Jodi writes the best suspense books ever! It left me on a high with the thrill of the story, the sexiness and humor of the characters. Again, I felt like I was watching a movie the entire time. There was not a single dull moment. It dove right into the story and will have you hang on for dear life until the end. And speaking of the end? That cliffhanger is just brutal and cruel! How can I sleep peacefully thinking what happens next to Emily and who are the people living so close to Emily, but works for and with Lasko? I know there are people involved here that are lurking right under their noses. But holy crap!!! I seriously suspected everyone! Every single one of the officers in the Orange Police Department—yes every single one of the hot cops—Erin, Vince, Scott, hell even Emily's mom! Needless to say, it kept me at the edge of my seat and I was grasping my sheets the entire time, scared of what will happen next. 💀🔫
#DarknessLurks #JLDrake #SethConnors #EmilyMcPhee #GarrettOBrian #OPD #JimmyLasko #BabblingChatterReads #RentasticReads #RentasticReviews

A gift from my talented sister, Emily. #blossomartstudio #emilymcphee #art #artist #watercolour www.emilymcphee.ca www.blossomartstudio.ca

Three favorites all in one place. No wonder I love Meyer Gallery. #emilymcphee #familyvalentine #living2013

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