Another great gig for our @nexxtstepuk artists. Even better than last week! Nice to have @meirkat for company and to finally share the results of the project with @amylame after talking about it for so long!!

Rather be there than doing my hair...
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Tonight's the night! CSA Art Auction, come get involved
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Kirk Stoller @kirk_stoller "untitled (satellite)" / 2018 / wood, latex and acrylic paint / 10x10x10 in. #kirkstoller
from our winter open call submissions.
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Tonight's the night! CSA Art Auction, come get involved
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If you have followed me for a while, you know that for 4 years, I hosted a quarterly networking and business event for visual artists. I busted my tail. I hustled to find locations to host and speakers to present. I oftentimes presented myself. I taught artists how to market their art, increase sales, and gave countless valuable business tools. AND I NEVER CHARGED A DIME. .
Last month, I checked out a local event for creatives and small businesses from @findyourfiber. It was an opportunity to meet other locals in business and discuss topics related to our businesses we could learn from. As I sat there listening, I came to the realization that there was only ONE thing different about this event from mine. Attendees PAID to be there. They were there because they valued the opportunity enough that they were willing to give their hard-earned money to be there. And that’s the mistake that I had made. I never charged a thing.
In wanting to provide something I felt was desperately needed for Orlando artists, I offered something of great value for free so that anyone could have the opportunity and access to business education. But instead of it creating something that was greatly valued, it created the opposite. People began expecting any services I offered for free. They expected that I would meet with them for private consults and teach them what I knew for free. And some even expected me to speak at their own events for free. I was frustrated. I was hurt. And I was burned out. And I closed the events last year. .
When you offer something for free, no matter how amazing it might be, it’s hard for someone to see its value. Your art, your services, or whatever amazing things you have to offer the world deserve to be valued and you deserve to be paid for it. But, you have to teach people that value - what it is and why they should find it amazing too.
So, thank you, Sara, for helping remind me to charge my worth in my own business as I teach others to do the same. And kudos to you for knowing yours right off the bat with your own business and events! xoxo

'PEGASI' installation view

Via @arthunter.me 🙌

Via @arthunter.me 👌

For the first time, the Society of Scottish Artists will be exhibiting at the Edinburgh Art Fair showing a curated selection of works by Society members, including:⠀
Katharine Aarrestad⠀
Tadeusz Deręgowski ⠀
Jana Emburey⠀
James Lumsden⠀
Lauren McLaughlin⠀
Emily Moore⠀
Andy Neil⠀
Andrew Philips⠀
Robert Powell⠀
Cécile Simonis⠀
Pamela Tait⠀
Alasdair Wallace⠀
Christine Wylie⠀
Edinburgh Art Fair, Stand C1/2⠀
Edinburgh Corn Exchange, New Market Road, EH14 1RJ⠀
23rd-25th November 2018⠀
For full details of opening times and location please see buff.ly/2w8kU60⠀

Image: Alasdair Wallace, Not An Important Failure, acrylic on board⠀

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Via @arthunter.me 👌

Via @arthunter.me 🙌

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