beautiful 😻❤️

ѕн: malec♡
✧edιт мío, ѕι υѕaѕ da cc✧
✦ѕιgυeмe para ver мáѕ pυвlιcacιoneѕ coмo eѕтa✦

— clace + quote
my baby jace suffered so much.. also DOM IS A FREAKIN CUTIE AND I LOVE HIM SFM
keep tweeting with #SaveShadowhunters!!!

Если нравится Иззи, с вас по красному |❤️💋🅰️💄| смайлику
[ @lovesvoid ]
#sh #shadowhunters #isabellelightwood #emeraudetoubia

I just wanted to start my new theme with his amazing face and this amazing pink-purplish filter😍😍😍
👉Filter credit : @shrunes moving to @polarrtist

Some Malec for y'all😏

Can we please appreciate Matt's body, I meeeeaaan😍😍🔥

#q :Books or movies?
#a :Tbh both

[1×08 Bad Blood]

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