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My city, my responsibility. πŸ“· - @lpschultz15 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc

Happy #SupermanSunday to you all! Just wanted to post something of my brother @willsterling_ who is one of my greatest friends. Thanks for always being there and such a huge positive force in my life. πŸ“· by @dccomics
Yeah, you read that right πŸ˜‰

When the guy who actually plays Green Arrow likes and comments on your status! #greenarrow #cwarrow #oliverqueen #emeraldarcher @stephenamell you're the best, sir!

Green Arrow: Night Life 🏹 now available in 29 different products on @pmakerdesigns #RedBubble show off Star City's favorite vigilante/superhero with this rad, original design. #pmakerdesigns #greenarrow #oliverqueen #emeraldarcher


I'm not artsy at all, and I think that's why I'm super proud of these trick arrows that I made last year. 🏹 The glove is coming out again this weekend for ECCC. πŸ₯Š

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The Justice League of America team meetings where the Super Friends hang out and have fun..

β€ͺ"Think we'll ever spend a night NOT being shot at, Pretty Bird?"‬
β€ͺ"Sounds boring, Old Man, so not until we're good & gray."‬
β€ͺ"HA! That's why I love you."‬
Someday, if I'm lucky, @the.rebecca.rose and I will get to do a shoot together! Until then, my photoshop "abilities" will have to do, haha! If you haven't yet, checkout her page, she's an amazing cosplayer!
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Here are most of the characters returning to Arrow in the last episodes of the season. Starting off, Slade Wilson is returning. I still don't know if Manu is playing him, we haven't gotten a confirmation, but I hope he is. We've only heard his voice in the trailer. Manu loves the Marv Wolfman character and wants him to be treated right. In the trailer, Slade's glad Oliver came back, calls him "kid". Oh, the memories from season's 1 and 2! Can't wait!! I already talked about Derek Sampson and Nyssa in my last post, but I'm very excited to see what they have in store. Espically Derek Sampson. Wonder why he's back. Rematch with Amell, an alliance to take down Prometheus? Evelyn is also back. Holding a gun in a forest. Lian Yu? Could it be where the final fight takes place? I want to still be in Talia's place as it resembles the Cry for Justice comic. It would be comic payoff for me. Kovar is back in the flashbacks. If you don't know, Dolph Lundgren has become one of my new favorite actors. He's a phenomenal actor and has a chemical engineering degree. Knows martial arts, and is strong as heck. Very talented. Wonder how much Kovar will hate Oliver after he killed him. I'm actually excited for him to come back. Merlyn, as I talked about in my last post, is also back. I'm most shocked he's back as I don't why he's back or what he'll be doing. Still love the character. Black Siren made her appearance in the trailer, revealing herself to Quentin and handcuffing him. Poor Quentin. Also taunted Dinah about being Black Canary. Up to no good! I mean she made her cry! Dang. Finally, Yao Fei back. It's confirmed from multiple news sources that we'll be seeing flashback sequences that weren't ever shown, he's included in them. He's giving a speech to Oliver in the trailer about people closest to him are fated to suffer. He was last seen being killed by Billy Wintergreen. I always thought Yao Fei deserved more screen time, now he will. His fighting is amazing. I'm soo ready for the next episodes. I might post more about Arrow. I'm just very, very hyped. ➒

Amazing shot by @miketuffley from @wondercon 2017! Getting to go to that con was amazing, I got to meet so many amazing photogs and cosplayers; it went beyond my expectation! Check out Mike's page and show him some love!
🏹 - @ivoryforgellc

My city, my responsibility. πŸ“· - @lpschultz15 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc

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You know the drill. To become one of my main characters you just have to ask. Keep in mind that I have one person for each character and my friends are always my main priority. If you happen to have above average archer skills and wear a hood, you get extra points. Even a chance to join Team Arrow. ;)
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