GoodMorning #embracingbeauty 😍😘

Great Rising Queens 👑 Kings ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Confessions of an exFATgirl ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Every day it’s a new day and regardless what has happened prior I hit reset. I don’t always wake on 💯 and my energy is not on fleek lol some days I gotta push harder than others to boost myself! Get in the right zone to flow through out my day or to get a work out in, eat the way I’m supposed to and make moves. Every day is day one ! I have to remember why I chose to release the weight and why I choose to become my best self, it’s easy to quit. That’s the easy way out but it take a Champions Mindset to stay no matter what! Walk the walk not just talk the talk 🔥 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Change your mindset, change your life ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Blessings on blessings,
Dreya the exFATgirl

Good Morning👑

f a v o u r i t e s e t | Witajcie w poniedziałek! Przed nami kolejny tydzień! Mój (wyjątkowo) będzie nieco bardziej poświęcony zdrowiu, niż pracy, ale nikt nie mówi, że nie będzie nerwowo 🤣 Dobrego tygodnia!
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Woven stories | When we embarked on the #girlgoneauthentic journey to find and reconnect with what is substantial, we had no idea what we would uncover. We knew if we could, we would turn back the hands of time, if only to re-learn the true nature of sustainabilty. What is it that our forefathers did differently to be able to live in harmony with nature? How did they know how to strike that balance?

This journey took us to the northern Thai hills, where, if you remember well, we celebrated the colours of the east. A focus on the diversity of hand crafted heritage craft from a people known for being displaced and left to rebuild several times: the hilltribe people.

We took a closer look at what was essential. It is a sad reality that we live in a world where fast is better and the consequences of 'fast' are never really fully considered for so long as we have fast, we have convinience. The rest we will worry about and clean up later.
Today, we celebrate the Karen women, whom despite several displacement disputes, have carried forth traditional weaving techniques using natural cotton to sustain themselves and their families. Their designs, practical as ever, leave no room for waste. The work of their hands has created several micro-businesses for women within the community. A work in progress now, is reaching a place of self-sustainability where the women will be able to organically grow and harvest their own cotton.

Up on the link in bio, we have the 'breaking the non essential chain' bazaar live. With joined hands and effort, this is only the beginning 🙏✨✨

So as I passed the mirror... I couldn’t help but notice all these prickly gray hairs going haywire 😭😭...I admit, I had a Sherrell “you’re getting older” moment! But, quickly, I pulled myself together and thought, those grays represent.... Mistakes, Heartache, Trials, Bumps, Thumps and Bruises...Ey, But they also represent Wisdom, Strength, Power, Learned Lessons, Healing, Growth & Tenacity! So, instead of feeling down about my grays...I’ve chosen to Embrace my grays, because My grays, are an outward representation of Me, My Life & the Proud strong 💪🏽 woman that I’ve become!
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Great afternoon Queens 👑 Kings

For that little girl I use to be
For the woman I see myself becoming
The words of negativity that comes from them
In my heart, in my soul and everyday God keeps telling me so
I must keep fighting 🖤💋 Dreya the exFATgirl

12 REASONS #meghanmarkle IS A READY WOMAN (click the link in my bio if you want to be a Ready Woman too. Trust me this program is for you.)
1. Meghan didn’t stay in a previous marriage / relationships that wasn’t working. She let them go.

2. Meghan did not give up on love or herself because her past romances didn’t work out.

3. Meghan kept smiling, looking great and kept a date.

4. Meghan was open to the possibilities of matchmaking. (A blind date changed her life)

5. Meghan was living her passion and having fun as an actress.

6. Meghan wasn’t limited to love in her own country.

7. Meghan saw herself being surrounded around greatness at an early age and stayed true to that vision.

8. Meghan didn’t let perceived flaws and pitfalls discredit her worth.
9. Meghan didn’t allow ethnicity culture or background difference to become a barrier. Meghan was open to LOVE regardless of the vessel it was coming from.

10. Meghan understood the art of compromise for the greater good. The power of letting go of whats comfortable to gain a whole lot more.

11. Meghan accepted that marriage is not just love but creating a legacy and legacy comes with a learning curve, rules and massive responsibility.

12. Meghan gracefully welcomed instruction and coaching to evolve into the next chapter of her life.

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