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I’ve previously had posts of me “somewhat” coming out of my shell, here and there, attempts to push myself out of the guilt from my sexual past. It is a part of what makes me who I am. I am a tease (and love to be one) who has been abused in every way and used up, sucked dry for what I am, when all I ever wanted to do was give love. For so long, I blamed myself for the wrongdoings of others. I used to not wear makeup to not get the attention. I would look down and feel powerless if I was stared at. I felt overpowered. I’ve been healing of my sexual past for about three years now (that’s when I stopped the hardcore drugs and allowed myself to finally feel). Three years ago, January, was the last time I allowed a man to enter my body. Shortly after leaving him, I met my twin flame, a beautiful black goddess who doesn’t love herself yet, who I also left about 1 year and 1 month ago, who I met yesterday... three years ago. She awoke me to who I used to be. Lots of guilt and anger awoke in me. In those entire three years, me and her slept together only a few times, but she was unsure of me. I felt she led me on because she was unsure of what she wanted. She didn’t give me all of her; she gave me half. I stayed loyal to her, even though we weren’t together, I was waiting, and she was sleeping around, “healing”. I kept my fantasy. After my past of sleeping with men unprotected left and right with STDs and going in the doctor’s office monthly, stripping/dancing (which I wouldn’t mind doing again after years of guilt), prostituting, all in attempts to receive the love I never got from my father as a child. He is not to blame for my behavior; I chose to cope this way. But this longing of love has been embedded deep in my soul, and I’m finally choosing to give it to myself. And only the worthiest may enter me. I’ve gotta trust you and feel SAFE to allow you in my magic. ♥️ 3 years. #wordsofaqueen #consciousness #goddess #goddessrising #oshun #divinefeminine #sexuality #sensual #model #sensualmodel #embraceyoursexuality #ownyourpower #guiltfree #selflove #selfworth #freedom #sexy #blackgirlbooty #blackgirlass #proudofit #bodylove #metoo #CPTSDrecovery #bpdrecovery #feminist

The Slut Shaming needs to STOP. It’s time for our culture, our society, and every generation to be better than this. If you agree, then comment below and say #stopslutshaming

This pic was posted by one of my followers as a funny meme, but I find nothing funny about it. I find it to promote slut shaming and rape culture. If you do not understand why, you are welcome to politely ask why below and your question will be treated with respect. #educateyourself
For this treatment of women to stop, a couple things need to happen: there needs to be a shift in the mentality of all societies so that what a woman wears or how many people she fucks (or doesn’t fuck) is her business alone and in no way debases her morality.

Also of utter importance is that we DO something about this behavior. If you see someone mistreating women or posting crap like this, speak up and call them out on it! (This is particularly powerful if done by a man to another man!) If you ignore the behavior, then you are part of the problem.

What else would you like to add to this discussion?

If you can’t quite read the words on the meme, it reads: -Matronly
-Old fashioned
-Asking for it
-Whore (cut off at the bottom of the pic)

Great way to start your Monday! 😈😈

Omg she's showing skin she's a slut!! A whore!! So disgusting!!

You know a Goddess when you see one. Get to know this extraordinary woman @lourdestantra who helps others live their lives to the fullest. ✨ Read the full Goddess Interview on my blog, link in bio.
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Haha who’s been guilty of this? Raise your hand below... Lol I’ll be the first one to fess up 😈

Celebrating the New Year 2018 With my yearly commitment to embracing my sensuality and loving myself and my becoming! #TheLookOfLove
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