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These photos were taken seconds apart. In the first, my hips are pushed slightly forward (a little more so than usual, but otherwise standing normally). In the second photo, my spine is swayed, back arched and hips tilted back to create the “thigh gap” society has taught us is the “most beautiful.” 🙄🙄🙄 Now, look. I’m a slender girl. It’s not a secret, it’s just the way my body is. My body type is thin and it has been my whole life.
I also DON’T have a natural thigh gap. My bone structure doesn’t give me one. The way my pelvis is, the way my hips are positioned, I just don’t have a lot of space between my legs after muscle and fat and skin. (Even when I at my lowest weight — at the depths of my anorexia, I didn’t have a thigh gap.)
And that’s OKAY!
Whether or not your legs touch each other is NOT a measure of your beauty.
Does a thigh gap make you smarter?
Does a thigh gap make you more interesting? More compassionate?
Does a thigh gap mean you give better hugs? Does it make you a better friend? A better person?
NO. It’s one particular way that a body can look. And (unfortunately) somewhere down the line, society decided that it was the ONLY way a body SHOULD look.
Some curvy gorgeous babes will never have one, not even if they “pose” to try and get one. Some women will never have a thigh gap due to their ability or own unique anatomy.
And THATS COOL TOO, because our bodies aren’t MEANT to look the same as everyone else’s. We’re not plastic mannequins in only one size shape and color. How boring of a world would that be? ➡️ Here’s the truth: if I can fake a thigh gap? A lot of other people can, too. The majority of what you see on social media ISN’T REAL. It’s mostly good lighting + precise posing, and the best of the best photos filtered and edited before being uploaded to their highlight reel. Chances are, when you see one? It’s on purpose. 🙌🏼 But remember: you are more than how well you can contort your body to look like someone else. You are so much more than your negative space.
Gap or no gap, you are glorious ✨💗
#fakethighgap #whytho #30secondtransformation

Late night post to bring a bit of positivity to your day!! 💜
So the last few weeks/ months have been really difficult for me.
Depression has got to me and my eating disorder has done its very best to slip back in.
Saying that, this is what I've managed in the last few days.... I've been to the doctors.
Taken my meds every day.
Been able to look at my body and accept that it's ok.
Gotten in the bath to relax.
Taken pictures of myself (which I've been struggling with recently)
Gone back to uni.
Seen my friends.
And I haven't restricted AT ALL in two weeks😊
So to a lot of people these things will be seem trivial, I mean most people do them without thinking but to me and so many others out there these small tasks are like climbing a mountain!! And that's ok!!
So to anyone who's having a really tough time... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! You can get out of bed, you can look after yourself and you can feel amazing about the things you've done today. Because even taking the smallest of steps gets you up the mountain in the end 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Reflecting on my past self for this #tummylovethursday and #throwbackthursday.
Ive come so far in this journey. I've worked hard for this body, just as it has worked hard for me my entire life.
Its been stretched, shrunk, pulled, cut, and sewn back together. This body is not perfect, but it is my home, and I will love it unconditionally at every stage of this wonderful and terrifying journey we call life.
My loose skin was my trophy to show my achievement of 150lbs lost, but now I have wonderful scars instead.

Fellow witch babes
It is the Mabon Sabbat. It is the autumn equinox.
The sun is entering libra, and it is a time of balance. It is a powerful sabbat encompassing equality in dark and light.
We are merging into the season of the
crone goddess; dark matter. We are celebrating aspects of the goddess (aka ourselves) that isn't always comforting and appealing. 🌸WOMEN SHIT, STINK, TAKE UP SPACE, GET LOUD, SWEAR, ASSERT DOMINANCE, SHOW PERVERSION🌸, along side all of our presumed softness.
despite the privileged perfection society deems if us.
That is what this account is all about! Finding celebration in self worship in rawness, in yourself, in realness, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I will be celebrating with a ritual that involves letting go of shame and fear.
This is a time where I like to also practice rituals that banish all that does not serve me.
Happy sabbat my loves! What do you like to do for the equinox?
#desexualizethefemalebody #nudityisnotporn #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #stretchmarks #plussize #selfcare #selflove #bodylove #embracethesquish #selfworth #selfloveclub #loveyourself #curvy #powertothetummy #nowrongway #effyourbeautystandards #survivor #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarriors #edrecovery #spoonie
#chronicillness #wicca #witch #sabbat #sabbath #mabon

The day you came into the world you made me happier than I could of every hoped but Momma Bear is still depressed.
The first time you latched to breast feed I felt feelings of pride I never thought I could but Momma is still depressed.
The day you first smiled and said 'Mamma' my heart tripled in size but Momma is still depressed.
You see my baby boy, you are not responsible for or accountable for fixing my depression. I don't ever want you to think for a second that you don't make Mummy happy enough because you do, everyday I smile and have deep rooted gratitude for your presence but that doesn't always fix a broken mind; I want you to know that my depression might stop me from showing my love in ways I want some days but know that its not and never will be your fault, I love you so purely.
Stop expecting mothers with mental health problems to be 'fixed'. Having a baby doesn't cure depression and it doesn't mean I'm sad about having my son or don't love him.

Let's see. What was I doing this time last year? Oh yes, sitting poolside with the fam, sipping on some wine, and apparently both attracting and offending people.
What's changed? Now I can only sip on water.
The moral of the story: Might as well do the things that bring you joy and create wonderful memories.
The opinions of others can't impact anything in real life because only you can live your life. I've already enjoyed this moment so any attempt to shame me about it is moot. Ya can't undo my fun.
Words are just vibrations that come from our throats or a series of letters typed in a particular order. The power they have is the power we give to them. Let's take a step back and reclaim our ability to perceive our life through our own passions and purpose.
No need to explain to anyone else. You are enough.
#bemorethanabody #nonairbrushedme #alwaysabeachbody #bikinibod #mombod #makingmemories #bopo #effyourbeautystandards #embracethesquish #liveyourlife #fridayfeels #cheerstotheweekend

Stop the shaming of women's bodies. #BraveBodyLove .
. - "Almost the exact same pose.
Just different lighting. I've had several people tell me how brave I am to wear something or even post a picture of my legs looking like this...
What I'm confused about, is why it takes an act of bravery to be comfortable in your own skin? Why does it take guts to just be myself!?!
Here's why: Because people continue to perpetuate the idea that cellulite should be something to hide.
Saying I'm "brave" for wearing shorts (or anything revealing my legs for that matter) is just continuing to support the negative stereotypes about something that is so NORMAL and SO natural. Why hide??
Why care about what someone else may think of you?? Just. Do. YOU."
Thank you, @damnitkmac for pointing that out to me 👍🏼 via @tk_line09

#cellulitesaturday #embracethesquish #effyourbeautystandards #LoseHateNotWeight #nobodyshame

Caj dude date look. Ready for ramen with my bros. 🍜

In a random airbnb in Dallas, @dakotagraff took a bunch of pictures of me, highlighting and embracing every feature of mine. It got me thinking about how important it is to surround yourself with good people, people with good hearts, ones that only want the best for you. Once you let go of toxic relationships, it's so much easier to see people's true intentions, and sometimes you're lucky enough to meet an absolute gem 💎 thank you for always reminding me who I am, and making me feel beautiful no matter what. And thank you for always having a place for me in your lap and a shoulder to cry on when I need it.


Happy Sunday! I'm hoping you get to relax today & participate in some self care. Today is my cats 6th birthday! 🚀😻so I'm chillin' with him until I go out this evening! I took this pic yesterday at Metro Diner. I'd never been there before and LOVED IT! Great service and food. New fave spot? I think so! ✌🏼💕 Kayla

Cooking results from yesterday😍 bell peppers stuffed with zucchini and cheese with great, mushy rice😋
So disappointed in my friends who cancelled on me today for visiting a festivity in our village together 😕 but I cannot let this affect my eating💪 going with my dad now 😊
What are you doing today?💕
#recovery #realrecovery #recoverydiary #realrecoverydiary #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #anawho #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #eating #foodisfuel #embracethesquish #eatittobeatit #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #edfighter #edwarrior #foodie #boobsnotbones #nourishtoflourish #2fab4ana #toofab4ana #weightrestored #ed #edrecovery #weightrestoration

So here's the truth of it,you'll never be perfect, you'll never get the perfect body,the perfect hair,perfect eyebrows, you can do everything to try but really your already perfect in your own way. I have a habit of trying to have the best hair,the best eyebrows, and I'll always think that its not good enough yet, to try a little bit harder and it'll be perfect, I'll be happy. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. my hair doesn't have to be blonde and long to be pretty,my eyebrows dont have to be big and bold to make my face look good. My stomach doesn't have to be flat to look sexy. I am perfectly imperfect and that is ok. You are beautiful,you are worth it. #nowrongway #mybodymyrules #embrace #sizesexy #embracethesquish #lovetheskinyourin #bopo #honormycurves #everybodyisagoodbody #perfectlyimperfect #beautybeyondsize #effyourbeautystandards #bodylove #curvy #curves #bekindtoyourself #bellyrolls #imperfectionisbeauty

#embracethesquish because I rarely share pics in swimsuits. @nourishandeat inspired

Had a little off trail adventure today on my walk and I'm very proud of myself that i got thru it.🌿

Soakin' up the last of the sun ☀️

The best Diet! 😙

"I’m trying to be better about realizing that I’m beautiful in the skin I’m in, but it’s hard. Really hard. Especially when I see confidence in bigger girls, or skinnier girls, and I’m like an in-between… But I’m trying to embrace the body I do have." #ACPmeProject #bareselfnakedsoul

Happy Cellulite Saturday, Boos!

When I first saw this photo, I said, "Woah, that's a whole lotta woman!" Initially, I was being judgy and nasty. Quickly, I had to come again and remind myself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a whole lotta woman. ✨
If you have a whole lotta of:
Stretch marks
You are still valuable, worthy, and beautiful. ✨
If you have always had extra body!
Extra tits
Extra ass
Extra thighs
Extra arms
You are still valuable, worthy, and beautiful. ✨
Your extraness doesn't make you less than. If anything, it makes you powerful. ✨
I know it gives me strength to proudly walk into the yes/my purpose as a fat black woman. ✨
Of course (or maybe not), I wasn't born with this power/confidence. From an early age, I was told to lose weight, my thighs were too big, I would be prettier skinny, I'm pretty for a dark skinned girl (FYI - that is not a compliment. It is an insult and disrespectful), and whatev else. I can't recall being told I was beautiful as a young girl. It took me a while to understand beauty - in general and my beauty.

However, once, I started living for me (and pissing some off in the process. That's comes with the territory), I gained confidence in myself and my decisions. I started to feel lighter because I wasn't aiming to please everrrbody and their mama. I say this to say: embrace you! Live for you! The people you are trying to please (and failing at it) are living for themselves. They are doing what they want whether you are on board or not. So again, LIVE for Y O U!!!

I know fat and cellulite are not celebrated (anywhere). And the good news is we D O N O T need anyone to celebrate us. Self love is the best celebration we can give O U R S E L V E S!!!

To all my fat and cellulite filled babes remember:
Y O U A R E B E A U T I F U L!
Y O U W E R E P E R F E C T L Y M A D E!

Don't let the negativity/naysayers dim Y O U R light! Yer lit!!! ✨
PS- are you coming to my free fashion show on Saturday, the 30th at 7pm? Come watch this fatty werk the runaway. I might drop it like it's hot...JKJK! But seriously, hope to see you there.

Ok soo...I've never liked my "tuckshop" arms, and because of it I never wear sleeveless tops!! But I guess as I get older and become to accept my body for all it's changes after having three beautiful n BIG babes, I'm starting to let it go! My husband and children love me for who I am...and plus it's feckin hot here!! #embrace #embracethesquish #happysunday

From 3 months in recovery to 1 year to now.
So proud of my progress and loving my body even though i have squish and when I bend I have tummy rolls, I am able to live my life bc now I have energy, I have Boobs finally and I am so much healthier. I am in the best shape of my life and every day i am so thankful to be here and healthy. Love everyone who has helped me. Being fit or beautiful does not mean being stick thin. Fitness and healthy is individual to every person.
#discoveryinrecovery #embracethesquish #edwarrior #edwarriors #anorexia

#selfcareisnotselfish hard to remember sometimes but it's true. Needed to remember this these past few weeks #selfcare #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #depression #anxiety #bodypositivity #bopo #selflove #embracethesquish #selfcaresunday #endoftheweek

Miss the black hair 🖤🖤🖤 Black is literally my fav color! I could wear it everyday 🖤🖤

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