10.5-mile run this evening on a state highway in torrential rain, thunder and lightning... because they don’t just have races on sunny days. Second photo is a flag I saw in a seemingly abandoned cemetery just before the storm hit. Thanks to my @altrarunning Paradigm 4.0’s and my @drymaxsocks Hawks for handling the flooded roads! #USA #RunForDooper #BillDooper #run #runninglife #runitfast #runningwithGod #borntorun #justrun #runfar #runlonger #AltraRunning #AltraParadigm4 #EmbraceTheSpace #mileagejunkie #dirtbagrunners #KleanAthlete #Godisgood #blessed #lovemore #downtorun #milestogo #marathonmaniacs #VPEndurance #running4thosewhocant
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Nature has a funny way of reminding us that when things are left alone, they return to the way they were. Don’t treat your mental health like these tracks. Put the work in even when things are good!

⚡️HOLY FAST⚡️It has been *months* - possibly almost a year - since I felt that good and went that fast during a run. And the best part is I felt like I could have kept going and going. If you need me I’ll be on 🌥9️⃣ for the rest of the night 💫 #happyrunner #epicrun #altrarunning #embracethespace

Monday meant the start of a new SCHEDULE for this girl! 😌

I love running.
Running has changed my life.
BUT, I feel my best when I run and incorporate some other type of workout; whether it’s lifting, cycling, swimming, etc.! 🤗
It’s something I’ve learned over time.
Each person is different and what makes me feel amazing may not be the same for you and that’s OKAY! Find what makes you feel your best!
Now, in order to feel my best, I want to run and make time for another workout! ☝🏻

I’ve got quite a full plate these days so I decided that I would incorporate T25 into my routine! 👊🏻 It’s only 25 minutes and requires no equipment! I will likely add it in 3/4 times a week and see where that takes me! I know that because it’s a cardio based program, it will also help my running! ✅

Monday was a T25 cardio workout followed by an 8 km recovery run! 🏃🏼‍♀️ How did you start your week?!

Does this neck brace make me look fat? 🖖🏻😉 I may be guilty of googling “Can I run with a neck brace?” along with “World record for 50K run with neck brace?” Just kidding about that #WR part. 😉🤣 #100MileTraining

Action shot from @raggedmountainscuttle
It felt great to get out on the mountain!

I think 🍣🍣🍣 tonight?

Awwwww. I’m just going to leave these here.

Let’s just say that even though my Sunday long run was done at a slow and steady pace, it felt great to feel GREAT, in comparison to last week! ✌🏻

Instead of psyching myself out, I covered my watch with my long sleeve shirt and headed out without a planned route. It was nice to just run by feel and choose my route as I went! 🏃🏼‍♀️

While running, I kept thinking about how training your MIND is also so important when it comes to endurance races! 💭 Your body will go but it’s your mind that you have to CONVINCE! ☝🏻 If you fill your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts during training runs, it will help during races too! 🤗

What are some of the positive thoughts/mantras you repeat to yourself during hard runs?! 💛

Not all dog jogs are created equally.


Take the road less traveled, the inevitable added constraints might be just what you needed ✨ ____________________________________________________

5 km trail run after 10 km commute run 👌 Took a new twist on the route over Vardåsen, after crossing the mountain peak I found the marked trail going straight down the south face and then straight up again ⛰🧗‍♂️👌 On my way down I spotted this pretty view 🤗
Happy with the new soles on Altra Lone Peak 4.0, firm and solid grip on wet rocks and roots ⛏👣👌

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Tonight’s run was very much about #embracethespace I needed it so much. Work life has been quite intense recently, and it’s got me down. I’m not saving lives or anything, and I hear that “it’s just a job, don’t let it get to you” but I do find that really hard. As with most things in my life I put my all in - maybe I just need to not give a crap, but that’s not me. I do give a crap. .
Anyway - tonight’s run was a lovely, slow plod where I could put the world to rights with my pal and just get it off my chest. We were treated to the most beautiful autumnal evening sky as we ran over the bridge. Tonight’s run wasn’t about pushing myself it was just about the run and it helped me put things in order in my head. Compared to some my hamster wheel really isn’t that bad, but we all have our own battles to face don’t we? When I don’t feel like I’m winning I just need to run and the balance is re-set. #therollercoaster #worklifebalance #runningsortseverything #runningforlife #therunningdrug #tonightsrun #runningviews #worcesterrun #loverunning #runningformentalhealth #igrun #igrunners #instarun #runnersofinstagram #runningcommunity #runningchat #tuesdaymotivation

Those Hawaiian vibes helping me get back into the flow just a little bit these past couple days. It's been over a month since I stopped running due to a suspected navicular stress fracture. The images came back clean. Muscle and tendon testing has always been negative... So potentially a ligament sprain. Using the @altrarunning Paradigm 4 for some of extra support plus that time off seem to have helped. Now for some baby steps. For now I'm grateful to have run 6 miles over the past two days. @ruhn_co #AltraRunning #EmbraceTheSpace

@altrarunning newest tweak to its greatest shoe just keeps it at the the top of the list for a go to trail shoe! Check out the Lone Peak 4 and Lone Peak 4 RSM at @verticalrunnerblackmountain today and see what the hype is about! #hitthetrail #lonepeak4 #altrarunning #embracethespace #trailrunning #optoutside #blackmountainnc #blueridgemountains #zerodrop #sexyshoewall

The euro set up just kind of happened today. Amazing trails nearby make for amazing miles even with amazing amounts of jet lag. #amazing

Jamais sans les copines!! Même DNS pour la prochaine je serai là!! En attendant on muscle ce qu'il reste et ça va revenir fort!!! #zerodrop #zerolimits #ccc #utmb #altrateamred #trailrunning #trailrunner #trail #instatrailer #embracethespace #retzwoodfamily

Just in case there was any doubt about my brand loyalty @altrarunning (Timp) #embracethespace #zerolimits ... hope to crush it in Killarney, ON #laclochesilhouettetrail October 13 & 14, in my Lone Peak NeoShell Mid https://www.altrarunning.com/men/the-lone-peak-3-neoshell-mid

As race day closes in, I try to remember that all the hard work is done. The days leading up to the race are all about trying to get my head right. I know it’s going to require a lot of mental strength to give it my all for 50 miles... but that’s been the only focus for the last 4 months. It’s going to be a tightrope walk trying to push as hard as I can without blowing up. Trying to run a 50 miler this hard is a new endeavor for me and I’m both excited and terrified. Just the way it should be. Vermont 50 I’m coming for you! Thanks for all the support @mcneil.amanda @corrinemalcolm @altrarunning @northendrunners @novaphysio @activeapproach 📷 @mcneil.amanda #embracethespace #zerolimits

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