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1st game of the new Season tonight ...let's get it Fellas 💪🏾 #The♠️ #EmbraceTheJourney #OwnTheDay

Everyone has their own journey. We embraced ours that included countless appointments, numerous tests, hundreds of needles, multiple IVF cycles, 2 miscarriages, and many tears. All of this lead to our little miracle due April 1, 2018. We are so fortunate and excited to be adding to our family!!! #embracethejourney #ivf #blessed #rainbowbaby #13weekspregnant #powercouple

Get those calendars out. Tip times and TV designations are now available. #EmbraceTheJourney

Summer don't go just yet!!😭😭 that tan tho!👸🏽 sailor moon vibes 🌙💖✨✨This summer was one of the best summers I've had in a long time. Probably since when I was a kid😭Living life each moment and learning to embrace every aspect of myself. Years ago i would be THRILLED when summer finally left & I couldn't WAIT for the cold months to come in so I could hide under my 5X black coat, sweat pants and layers upon layers and just be content with being miserable. Staying in the house for years, weighing close to 500lbs because that was where I felt safe and secure. But life doesn't have to be that way. And you don't have to wait to be a certain size or number on the scale to be happy with yourself. No need to compare your body or your journey or your life with someone else's. Enjoy the ride, everyone is on their own chapter. This is YOUR story. Make it as amazing as you want it ❤️❤️❤️ Working on myself + still loving myself☺️one of the best decisions I ever made❤️❤️❤️❤️Sidenote: when these were taken a few weeks ago, 2 women kept glancing over at my direction and laughing while I was taking pictures and twirling around enjoyin life😂😂😭I honestly didn't care but I was wondering why couldnt they just admire from a distance quietly and just let me be great???😂😂😩😜😜 #onelife #liveit #embracethejourney #myfitnessjourney

upper and lower time!
• dips : 60kgX5 for 3 rounds and back off to 45kgX8 for 2 rounds (3rd set shown)
• squat : barefoot and beltless 120kgX5 for 5 rounds (1st set shown)
sorry for bad form team 🙏🏻 @hybrdprjct


Here’s another thread checking up on my clients, 24/7 support on their Healthy weigh loss journey. AMAZING RESULTS!!💪🔥💪, Sooo Happy for you guys !!! LET’S DO THIS !!! 💪#herbaliferesults🌿#Support#Embracethejourney #lovehelpingpeopleachievetheirgoals MAKE TODAY COUNT !!! 💪💪

Breakfast for dinner in bed! 🍳 Had a few bites of my husband's eggs this morning + that seemed to go over well... Praying that having my own bowl of eggs tonight will go over well too!! 💛

This is the face of accomplishment. 19 miles ✅ #rockandrollmarathon #stripatnight #embracethejourney #traininsane #peacefriday

I learned oodles of coping skills for my anxiety in therapy. Sometimes, they just don't work and I break down, especially when I am under stress. My anxiety manifests in tears. Lots and lots if tears. I hate it. I hate when I can't control my emotions especially when it is in front of people, and worse when they are "my people". God it is embarrassing, which in turn make the situation worse. I am not perfect. I never will be. I am however healing my mind slowly and using my coping skills when I am not completely overwhelmed. Today... I am completely overwhelmed.
#anxiety #depression #panicattack #iamnotmymentalillness #justlisten #dontjudge #embracethejourney #copingskills #crying

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