#BlackFriday — Poor kid that had the cops or suspected #racesoldiers called on his landscaping venture by other #whitesupremacists which is very tragic but a perfect example of their expectations & PRE-DEFINED role for black folks in this system of #whitesupremacy #racism! Many black folks have bought into this PREDEFINED role where we are supposed to spend our entire lives SERVING other groups chasing money with little to no purpose for it besides SPENDING IT and in servitude for predominantly PEOPLE OF NO COLOR...I’ve been sent here to tell you that that’s a LIE, a Farce!!! We are not here on this planet to just #ShutUpAndDribble, we are supposed to build institutions for our SURVIVAL & ADVANCEMENT!! We must repair ourselves despite the children of the Devil never doing so even tho they have a moral obligation but sadly they’ve proven to be IMMORAL...we still ain’t got no #reparations so we are going to have to LOVE OURSELVES, EACH OTHER, & OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE enough to repair it until these white folks in power do decide they are human beings and not Devils‼️ I doubt that day is going to come, so you best believe I’m not waiting on no cracka...I’m going to use the life I have to build something for me, my family, and community! I hope there’s more Kings & Queens out there that’s who are just as serious #EmbraceTheBuild #LetsBuild #Groupism #GroupEconomics #GroupPolitics #GroupEducation #GroupProtection ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 #WealthBuilding is the NEW #CivilRightsMovement

My cereal only diet seems to be working.

Giving hugs to fat bitches 🙈 #embracethebuild

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