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I need to edit hundreds of m&g pics lollolololol I'm such a procrastinator
- 8.20.17

Some Porsche Cayenne S emblem work #porshce #porschecayenne #emblem3 #emblem #southendgraphics

Se vc estiver em grupos #arianagrande
Me coloca

"Let's take a trip to Sunset Boulevard in the city of stars, uh huh.." ⭐️ #emblem3 #delicious

Happy 4 year anniversary to @emblemthree!! #emblem3 #anniversary

Throwback to this time last year prepping for the @emblemthree tour! @ludwigdrumshq @porter_and_davies @kemperamps #emblem3 #motu


Gonna be tagging all the owners to the pics at the end of the spam (:

So sorry that I totally forgot to post this after my dividers, but wow. Happy 20th birthday to one of my biggest inspirations. The boy that taught me to be a more positive person & surround myself with loving friends. You have & will always be a role model to me. You live your dreams & have good vibes. Because of you, I met a few of my absolute favorite people... my internet friends { @talentedtayler @tayler__and__joey @birlemwishes @blessingseavey } These are amazing people, that I would have never known of their existence if it weren't for you Tayler. If it wasn't for your YouTube channel, I would have never even found Joey. Not only Joey, I would have never found out about Cody, Jackson, Allie, Kelianne, Bryce, Chandler, Jordan, Rennon, Sean, Nate. There's more, but if I would have never found you, I would still think that you guys were a bunch of lame social media dudes. I was such a negative person before I found you. Sure I had a inspirations before you, but they were completely different. You influenced how I made friends, what music I listened to, the attitude I gave out, even the perspective that I looked at life with. You changed my world Tayler. Keep living your dreams & inspiring the youth of the world. You're killin' it out there, can't wait for your new music & possible world tour. I look forward to meeting you & the beautiful people you brought along with you on your journey in the future. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I love you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a gorgeous day out in Texas. God bless you T ✨

Orange & Blue theme soooooon... along with a birthday edit for Tayler ☻

{2/3} currently:
Jordan Tortorello // Take A Chance
Kalin & Myles // You're the Only One I Need

{1/3} — back into editing (:

Renewed front emblem🔧
#夏休み自由研究 エンブレムシルバーからブラックに交換😊

Sorry I've been gone for a bit, highschool's got me busy 🥀

Kinda love seeing this boy flying 👏💕

Se vc estiver em grupos #arianagrande
Me coloca

I need a Jackson hug, I heard they're great 😩
- 8.18.17

Hi, I'm alive ♥ J LIKED (:
— {8|18|17}

I wonder if my mom would be okay with me not going to college to dedicate my life to trying to be an athlete 😂😂 #emblem3 #e3 #wesleystromberg #keatonstromberg #drewchadwick

"I'll pick you up, girl
In my 97' Honda
No AC, shit it's hotter than a sauna
But it's all good
When it's cooler by the water
Dive right in
Skinny-dippin' if you wanna"

#colour #memories #simplicity #water #blue #nature #summertime #music #bands #endofthesummer #emblem3

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