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This distended jugular vein is simultaneously every embalmer's dream come true and worst nightmare. 🔪Super easy to find, but also super prone to busting without permission.😆
*edit--This person is alive. Not my photo. Unknown photo credit via google.
#mortuarymonday #embalmer #embalming #jugularvein

Got a new pretty pink grip for my airbrush 💁🏼 This is what I use to apply makeup for some cases. Liquid makeup is mixed to match the persons skin tone and then poured into the bowl on top of the pen. The pen is connected to the machine by a hose which blows air through the pen. I control the amount being sprayed and the concentration whether I'm covering a large area or a fine detailed spot. It leaves a glossy look so it is important to then apply powder to the cosmetized areas to take the shine out. My girlfriend is extremely jealous that I have this airbrush and she hates that I'm better than her at doing makeup 😂 #lifeofafuneraldirector #embalmer #makeup #cosmetics #airbrush #

They told me I couldn't do a man's work, so I decided to do them one better and do it all in heels. #Mortician #Embalmer #FuneralDirector #Undertaker #IDidIt 🎓⚰️⚱️💎

There's room for one more. #cadillac #hearse #funeral #funeraldirector #embalmer

Funeral directing 101- Always be on time and always look professional. Always have a pen in hand 🖊 #funeraldirector #funeralbusiness #embalmer #mortician #professionalandpolite

Did this tiny like 3 inch embalming machine on a friend a while ago..Get better soon Scotty so we can put more mortuary tools of the trade on you!!!


The largest cemetery in Madrid Spain and one of the largest in Western Europe...Cementerio de nuestra senora de la almudena

Your embalming...it was just a dream.

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