Do you have any favorite places that you love seeing to pick up your mood?
Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Studying for the Pn1 certification, and the ACE CPT certification while gearing up for graduation and travelling to the UK to be with Robert for a few months is more stressful than I would like to admit.
I'm also having some weird "Am I enough?" thoughts that I know are common around graduation time. Will I be a good social worker? Do I know enough? Am I educated enough? Will I do enough? .
These questions have been running through my mind at a mile a minute the past few weeks.
But there's nothing I can do about tomorrow, except worry--which is only expending energy that can be used for something else!
So, I'm going to refocus my energy and stay present in every moment of every day until graduation.
I'm missing Robert so much, so I'm looking over pictures of when we were last together in March. I love this house every time we walk past it in Ely, so I'm going to stare at it for a while! 😅

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