〰️▪️Lived in hair▪️〰️
Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️▪️▪️Rooted Blonde▪️▪️▪️ Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️▪️▪️Desert kissed▪️▪️▪️ -3 month old Balayage -low maintenance -retouch recommended 4-6 months (preference varies)
Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

I’m using high quality products to insure the integrity and color longevity for all my color services. Haircolor and cut by @n.v.artistry

▪️▪️Butterscotch ▪️▪️ Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️▪️Lived in hair ▪️▪️ Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️ Blonde Balayage▪️
Hair color by @n.v.artistry

▪️Beige Chocolate▪️4 month old Balayage 🔘Color gloss service🔘
Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️〰️Nude blonde〰️▪️
Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️Caramel Blonde Dimension▪️
Hair color by @n.v.artistry

▪️N U D E B L O N D E▪️
Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

Love what you do, do what you love!! Swipe to see a close up video of her blend👌

▪️▪️Blonde Bombshell ▪️▪️ Haircolor by @n.v.artistry ** SESSIONS REQUIRED** -this was approx. her 5th session in a time frame of a year and a half

▪️Platinum Beige Ombré ▪️
Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️▪️D I M E N S I O N▪️▪️
HAIRCOLOR BY @n.v.artistry

▪️〰️Bronzed Blonde〰️▪️ Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

Slightly rooted for a soft grow out to blend to her natural color ▪️Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

▪️➖Buttery Blonde➖▪️ Haircolor by @n.v.artistry

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