Back to work today and Abbey and Alex are first in the editing queue. It’s going to be a fun day because their wedding was insanely gorgeous!! 😍

Looking forward

Family travels inspire ✈️ I wish to do the same one day 😊💛

Ben has always dreamed of a simple life doing something he loves, living somewhere adventurous. He said one day he'd find a pretty girl and move to the Caribbean. Turns out he found his girl.

When in doubt, hike it out 💗

Happy Summer Solstice y’all ✨ #ashleywittmerphotography

Happy Summer Solstice🌚🌝 This (absolutely freezing) beach shoot seemed like the perfect first-day-of-summer post ☀️ #oliviareedcouples

dancing with the devil at dawn, she has chosen to stand on stones, making peace with her demons. they are better off without her.

Julia & Andy plus a rooftop terrace = awesome.

Whoops, we’ve been super M.I.A. here the last few months... but don’t worry, we haven’t disappeared altogether!! We’ve been doing a little of this 👆 and a lot of larger events with our full wedding clients (hello wedding season!). Have you missed us? Today marks the summer solstice, and our first of many summer elopements! I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes in our stories in between getting things ready and designing for my full floral event on Saturday! And don’t be afraid to say hi, we like it when people say hi! ❤️

Aquí os dejo lo que muchos me calificaron como que estaba loco por hacer algo así, mi propio Trash the Dress. Han sido meses de trabajo, y meses de fotos, con ayuda de familiares y amigos. Fotos que nos hicimos donde quisimos, la veces que quisimos y cuando quisimos. .
Este Trash lo he titulado " 4 ciudades de 3 países de 2 continentes"
ROMA / SAN JOSÉ / MERZOUGA Y JAÉN han sido el escenario de nuestro Trash. Ahora os toca a vosotrxs juzgar sí el resultado es bueno o no tan bueno.
Todas las fotos AQUÍ https://www.sabalet.tv/…/4-ciudades-de-3-paises-de-2-conti…/

I'm a sucker for a cute trolley! Anyone agree???

They've got love that shines like a sunset.

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