🐲 Elma from Kobayashi san chi no maid dragon ♡ #elmakobayashi #cosplay
#kobayashisanchinomaiddragon #anime #cosplaygirl #kawaii
credits: @photosjoshua

heyo it's me, ive started to watch dragon maid and i'm loving it! i started it a while back but im only continuing now. i drew best girl elma (don't @ me on this) because i lOve her,,,,,,
also i'm still gonna be posting much less especially as i start school again in a few days and i'll have shit to do :/
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I’m free to make my own choices, but why, why can’t I have it my way? The more I try to push you away, the more I’m drawn and attracted to you baby

Chu Chu Yeet

manchester mcm is so close now! tb to elma cosplay last year where I suffered wearing a tail tied around my waist all day lmao
📷 by @kus_izzy !! .
#elmakobayashi #kobayashisanchinomaiddragon #misskobayashisdragonmaid #elma #kobayashi #mcmmcr17 #mcmmanchester #manchestermcm #manchestercomiccon #mcmcomiccon

I'm a strong independent dragon who need no man (if you wanna buy me sweets that would be appreciated tho uwu)

You can't even buy it with money
What your heart needs is time
So that I can show you my sincerest feelings
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Where am I?
Who am I?
I am NOT

Ok y'all sorry for kpop on main but I'm soooo excited for skz's cb (my wallet isn't tho :'))
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family photo 🌸
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I really don't have the words to properly describe this picture so I'll just call it: a mood
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📷: @sunlight_fotografie

I'm starting my summer job today and I might actually be able to go to another con this year with the money I get from that??
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real bad bitch 😎
no innuendos pls

I love three (3) cute dragon girls
📷: @sunlight_fotografie

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