This is the story of a Vengaboys Member named @kimsasabone

Kim was Test Subject 398 in the Temple of Dimensions. 398 was searching for a Great treasure in the temple of dimensions called a Ellington Isle Crystal. 398 had been searching for this Ellington isle crystal every day of every month of every year as she spent her time wandering around this temple for 30+ years non stop searching for this one crystal. most would give up in this great maze, but 398 relished every moment of it as if it was her life purpose and she had been made for just this purpose. The first time 398 entered this temple it totally messed with her mind as she wandered through the maze into corridors and halls made of impossible geometry and also it would suddenly change if she turned around.

One day while wandering around the temple she came across a very peculiar red line on the floor at the base of her feet. She decided to follow the line to see where it went and noticed soon it starred randomly turning left and right, zig zagging, and looping around on walls and ceilings until it lead her to weird cartoon like twisted fun house like corridor full of distorted doors with strange symbols on them.

The Line pointed a arrow at a very specific door at the end of the corridor with a weird symbol on it. she walked up to the door and a small sentence was written on it that said "Yes, 398 this temple knows who you are, and it's time for you to enter the next phase of the test! If you entered any of the other doors, you may have had to face eggman, bowser, or herobrine... But behind this one you will find something much harder to test your brain on. "She" Loves CAKE and won't let you have ANY until you complete her "TESTS"" 398 entered the door hoping she would find the Ellington isle crystal she was searching for behind it... Little did she know of what awaited her in the underground science facility it "portaled" her to!

Inviting some new followers to uprising museum like @jjvanzon @silvainh @eefjebaesjou and a @weliketopartyshop

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Rock Challenge Winner! Thanks for hiding it again for us!

Happy in Berlin angekommen. Morgen halte ich meinen Vortrag „der Tanz zum Erfolg“ vor 150 Ladies! Freu mich riesig #Tanz #Keynote #Erfolg #dertanzzumerfolg #happy #zieleerreichen #ziele #berlin #ellington #klassefrauen #powerfrauen #assistenzkongress #haufeakademie #starkeassistenz

Para las fans de Chile, esto fue lo mejor de mí vida y a la vez recordarlos duele :( For The Fans of Chile, this was my best Life and at the same time it hurts Remember
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다 늦은 저녁에 #아이스크림 타령
#화원 #farm 인데 아이스크림을 판다
먹어본 아이스크림 중 1등이란다
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