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3️⃣ Refrain from dropping your calories / food unless you really are stuck. I always have my clients keep calories high and resort to increasing cardio throughout the week BEFORE dropping any calories (this will also keep your metabolism up!) KEEP FOOD HIGH!
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🐻T G I F 🐻

It's true
In this life
I've never been the one
in your eyes
I've never been the truth
All you saw was a broken mirror
And they told
me to care
When trying to fix your heart. Часть 1.

Sorry for pure Russian.😂Привет! Меня зовут Аня! 23, родилась в Екатеринбурге. Год назад поехала погулять по Манхэттену и осталась делиться секретами с Деми Мур. Люблю архитекторов, виски с вишневым соком и страдаю от дофаминовой зависимости #russianuntranslatablejokes

🌅 before dusk 🌅
Decided to indulge in some relaxation time before the storm of exam revision 😊👩🏻‍🎨🎨

Had a great night tonight, thanks a lot @radicaltz_ 🙏🏽


Here's to everyone that wanted to see my walk. Thanks @amj.model for the vid 🙌🏽

Seguite quelle mie page plis😘😘
Comunque siamo state hackerate sulla riserva!!!!😭
Quindi perfavore andate a segnalare tutti: @ciaoviodio 😭
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😍🙊 Follow @healthy.thrills for daily dose of healthy lifestyle!

Time to be basic and post my #selfiesunday ;)

#sexysundays with @reelmaxphotos ! Pleasure working with you brother, had a great time!💪🏼🔥

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