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Slumber Cutie? Sleeping Charming? What do you think? 😂 anyway I was watching Nick Bateman and he's so good looking I feel like I'm cheating on Kenneth ☹️ anyone else feel me?

He sent me unposted photos of him. He’s so sweet I can’t 😢 ilysm

Oh look double posting but guys I have a question okay so do you ever wonder why some dudes have the rectangular-shaped abs but some have the square? Like do you know what I’m talking about? 😂 like why though? Genetics? Workouts? Why? 😂😂

Instagram story update~ hehe 🙃

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting hehe it’s kinda hard to find photos of him he hasn’t posted or he once posted but took down ✌️

act natural lol sorry been inactive hehe

that jawline could cut diamonds 😂

When words fail, eyes can speak volumes for one’s heart 💖

#FOTD: Dunno if this changed but he’s at least 6’1 👏🏼

Let us take a moment to appreciate his nose–the nose I’d want my children to have lmao 😂

Famous “I saw a cockroach, but I still have to look cool” pose lmao 😂

cutie 💕 lmao fetus days 😂

Snapchat update~
Why you gotta do me like this Kenneth 😭

He’s gonna be the death of me 😍

Snapchat update? Lmao 😂

can we just please take a moment to appreciate his lips tho 💗

He usually does not smile in his photos so here’s one for you guys 😂
#FOTD: I think this was taken a while back so with that being said, he’s been modeling “for like a year and a half” as per his words 💋

#FOTD: Kenneth walked for Martin Asbjørn's Fall 17 collection by Josefine Svane ✨

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