Long story but worth the read!
Sometimes it takes me couple days to get into a rhythm out in Nature..a good indicator that I’ve found my nature boy groove is when I start spotting more wildlife. I feel like my eyes adjust to the landscape and I just start spotting things most people would never notice. I saw this great horned owl from a distance really early in the morning.. He was up in a tree on some land near a private farm. After observing for a bit an ol time farmer who had owned the land since the 60’s came walking up his driveway and out to ask me what I was photographing.. he said he’d been trying to figure it out for 15 minutes. 😂 So after pointing out the owl and chatting for a few minutes he invited me on his property to get in a better position to photograph the bird. I was so excited.. just before he walked off he mumbled something about someone not bothering me or something like that.. “don’t worry she’s sleepin” he says! I watched and photographed for about 10 minutes. I had this moment where I was watching this massive bird of prey preen himself and not have a care in the world that I was observing. I just felt so lucky to be in this moment. Literally at that second I heard the deepest bark I’ve ever heard. I turned around to see an average sized yellow lab running up the property towards me.. then I see this F’ing abominable snow man looking beast charging at me! I immediately turned and sprinted up the driveway!!! The dogs were trained well because they stopped at the end of the driveway.. thank god because they easily woulda caught me. I sat at my truck super winded and took a photo of the yeti and the lab standing there all proud of themselves! Took me back to my childhood when getting chased by dogs was a regular occurrence! 😂😂 all this commotion and the owl never left his perch. 🙏 swipe to see the beast in all his glory! #leebertrandart #abominablesnowman
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"Go For The Gold..." ...fish that is. As soon as I saw this osprey circling over the pond today I knew what was about to happen. It was going to go for the gold, and it did. A few neighbors slipped their pet goldfish into this pond and now look what happened! These turn out to be invasive carp out-competing any native fishes. But this Osprey seemed pretty happy with its catch today. #elite_raptors #osprey #hawk #hawks #birdofprey #goldfish #flyingfish #orangefish #your_best_birds #nature_worldwide_birds #bird_brilliance #kings_birds #feather_perfection #birds_adored #wildlifeplanet #majestic_wildlife #naturyst #birdstagram #Audubon #upstateny #nycap #fishing

North America day 103: these ospreys put in a lot of work right after the sun sets, we saw them catch at least 2 or 3 fish right after the sun went down. I wonder if less light helps them catch fish 🤔

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