huji 🌹

i wanna cup his cheeks stare deep into his eyes and say “you’re my precious baby” while I sob violently

Unpopular opinion but this is one of my most fav Timmy moments in cmbyn the slight frown he’s sporting his hair and the jumPEr it’s a combination of fragile stepping into adolescence boyishness i dig

It’s late and I can’t sleep :/

Un concerto della madonna. Grazie Elii e grazie Ila! Al momento di Tapparella è quasi partita la commozione! FORZA PANINO #elio #elioelestorietese #concerto #picoftheday

i suddenly woke up at 1:17am and my first instinct was to watch this
talk about priorities.

Every time you glow, then I start to grow☄
Some b&w photos

Oops!...I Did It Again ❤️❤️❤️

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