Bold summer necklaces in desert shades coming soon ☀️🌵 || Studio assistant Kiwi can’t wait to see what I come up with 🐱✨ || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Solid gold is forever ✨ Precious materials responsibly sourced from our precious earth to accompany you on all of life’s wonderful journeys || All of my fine jewelry pieces will be 15% off starting tomorrow for 48 hrs only! In order to gain access you have to be on my mailing list so be sure to click the link in my profile to sign up! ✨Or send me a dm and I’ll add you to the list 💃 || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Forever inspired by nature and organic form 🌿〰️ Loving the Aria engagement ring paired with the Balance band both in rose gold || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Maybe you’re not into stones, you crave texture...something a little different. The Flares studs are the perfect everyday, never taking off earrings to guide you through your daily adventures ✨ || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

#happynationalpetday to all my friends 🐰🐣🐱🐹 Here’s a shot of kiwi looking like a king. He’s the best/most mischievous shop assistant I could ever have 💕 || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Cheers to the only sis who would trek with me across the country for jewelry adventures #youdabest #nationalsisterday #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Just a sampling of spring sparkles headed to @guilfordartcenter ✨✨✨ || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Nothing says it’s almost Friday like bold statement rings and luscious gemstones ✨ || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

It definitely doesn’t look or feel like Spring outside, but these enamel necklaces are brightening the day ✨|| #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

💐Happy Easter Friends! 💐 Hope your day is filled with love and lots of chocolate 🐰💕✨|| #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Packing up a few beauties like this Ula Pearl Ring to send out to their new homes. I like to imagine this piece sitting pretty on its new owners finger while she sips a tropical cocktail, her feet in the sand, not a care in the world 💕✨🌊 || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday #summerdreams

A new season is the perfect time for a wardrobe refresh, no that doesn’t mean going out and buying tons of new things but rather re-organizing and styling some of the pieces you already own differently! I’m talking more about how to do this on my blog, just follow the link in my profile! Psst the look I’ve put together may involve these gorgeous stud dangles 💁‍♀️✨ || #laceealexandrajewelry #hellospring #elevatingyoureveryday

A little more for #marchmeetthemaker ✨ I’m obviously following all of the daily posting guidelines here 😂 But rules are meant to be broken, am I right? 🤷‍♀️
I currently take all of my own photos, it’s certainly not easy. Jewelry is super reflective and to capture the sparkles can definitely be a challenge. Someday I will hire a pro but for now I’m enjoying the learning process, even though it can be a struggle 📷
My workspace varies day to day. When you own your own business you wear a lot of different hats. Sometimes I’m out meeting clients at a coffee shop, working with vendors in LA or even sending emails from my couch at midnight. But most days you can find me at my bench in my studio. It’s where the magic happens 💫
|| If you want to see more of my space be sure to check out my stories! I’m showing a more intimate look into the corners of my day to day life 💕 || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday #behindthescenes #anartistslife

Ashlee of @cobaltchronicles styles the Riva Ring effortlessly ✨She’s got some major flight booking tips up on her blog right now, be sure to check it out if you’re as travel obsessed as I am ✈️✨ || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

I've been so inspired by all the #bossbabes around me posting for
#marchmeetthemaker and I just love learning the why so with that...
I've decided to hop on the bandwagon too! Plus what better day to do so than on #internationalwomensday?! I'm just a tad bit behind so the next few days will be jam packed but I hope you all enjoy getting to know me a little better and what makes my brand tick!
My name is Lacee and I make sparkly things! ✨I'm entirely too obsessed with animals, I have 5 alone in my apartment and a flock of chickens at my parents.. someday I will own Alpacas.. I love a good adventure, travel fuels my soul and I'm constantly planning my next escapade. I love the outdoors, mother nature is a never ending pool of inspiration. Nothing beats good food, good friends and good vibes, throw in a martini or a glass of red wine or two and I'll be there 😉💃🍸
I grew up in Long Beach and still reside here, nothing beats home. I don't think you could ever pull me away from the ocean. My studio is just steps away from the beach and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Art literally pulses through my veins. From the time I could hold a paintbrush, I was painting miniature masterpieces in my grandmother’s watercolor studio. She was my first art teacher and she laid the foundation of what would become a lifetime of creativity. I miss her dearly but she is forever an inspiration to me and her legacy will continue to live on...
My favorite piece to make changes on the daily but most of all I just love creating things that people will treasure for years to come. I feel blessed that this is what I get to wake up and do everyday. Owning your own business is a journey full of ups and downs but I know I was destined to create sparkly magic and share it with the world. Thanks to you all who make this little dream of mine into reality 💕 || I’ve got some more deets I’m sharing on my insta stories, be sure check it out ✨|| I’ll also be sharing lots more over the next few weeks, stay tuned👀||#laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

We should celebrate #internationalwomensday everyday! It’s so important that we are always raising each other up!! #communityovercompetition . I’ll finally be joining in on the #marchmeetthemaker later today but first I wanted to give a quick shout out to some amazing women owned businesses doing what they do best, kicking ass! 💃😘💕✨ ||#laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Jewelry has a way of brightening even the gloomiest of days, especially when there’s mystical opals involved ✨💕 || #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

St Patrick’s Day is coming up, the Irish in me is always sure to wear some green..These green quartz nova studs will definitely keep the pinches away but I can’t say the same for the leprechauns 🌈✨|| #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

Nothing beats the texture and sparkle from the Isle Ring ✨ Features a gorgeous aquamarine, perfect for those March babes 😉|| watch it sparkle in my stories ☝️ ||#laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

My mantra.. for today at least 😜Spending the day working out some ideas for the new collection and catching up on some custom designs✨ Want to see what’s inspiring me? ✨ Check my stories 👆|| #laceealexandrajewelry #elevatingyoureveryday

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