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I don’t feel like doing much at all today other than lingering over a long, lazy brunch. I actually prepared these pancakes for a photo shoot yesterday, but they definitely reflect my plans (or lack of them) this morning...

How pretty is this Christmas card that they give you for free at the post office! 👌🏻✨ today I visited this year’s first Christmas fair/market and picked up warm and cosy mittens for myself and something tiny and cute for my future niece ( or nephew👶). Also had my first “lussekatt” saffron bun which was delicious so I might try to throw a dozen of those together before we’re off to Scotland ☃️

Well Hello! How’s your Saturday morning shaping up so far? Want to know what I learned this week?

It’s only hard until it’s done. Here, safely on the other side of a mad week I can safely say that none of it was a insurmountable as I thought. A life lesson or the benefit of hindsight? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s okay to have a day when you just don’t have time or headspace to post on Instagram. The world did not end because of it yesterday. Duh! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Talk about state the obvious! But I bet a fair few of you bloggers or prolific Instagram users know exactly the feeling I’m talking about right?

Get a group of engaged, talented and enquiring women around a table to talk about a common interest and it’s ALWAYS an uplifting experience 🙌🏻 Yesterday @laura_herostores and I hosted the last Blogging workshop of the season in this gorgeous venue above at @hero_stores in Stockbridge. (I specify which store because, in case you didn’t know, there’s now a second Hero store in Alresford! - Talk about woman entrepreneur goals right there! 👊🏻✨)

The workshop was incredible and as I often do, in the course of the day I got to reference some other inspiring women. Were your ears burning @monicabeatrice, @jennie_loisavery, @me_and_orla, @jennakutcher and @emilywellsdesign??

My favourite quote of the day I was able to use came via the team I always give a big blogging shout out to - @chloedigital 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Scrolling through their Insta feed I came across a quote by Buzzfeed’s Jonathan Perlman - “Content is king... but distribution is queen and she wears the pants!” Amen to that! 👩🏼‍💻🙅

And seeing as it’s the weekend, that’s all I’m saying on the matter of work. Time for two days of decompression - feel free to join in! 😘😘
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Christmas gifts... for me 😏

Ugh it’s the WORST weather out there today isn’t it? Took E out for a walk and got utterly soaked but refused to come back until she was asleep 😂 Luckily she nodded off just in time for me to take refuge and grab a hot cuppa inside a local village Christmas fair (where I bagged some toys for E and some homemade 30p cupcakes for me!). Now we’re home, the heating is on, I’m snuggled up in knitwear and just praying she stays asleep a bit longer so I can get a blog post written! 🤞🤞What are you up to this rainy Saturday? ☔️💦☕️ | #weekendvibes #ootd

Slow Saturday mornings, plotting new year adventures, with candlelight and cold-pressed chocolate treats.. mm, bliss! ✨

Taking my own advice and mixing it all up tonight 🖤 Botanical (print) meets leather (trousers) meets metallic (shoes) 🍃🌱🌿hope you are all well, I'm on my way out - 2nd night out in a row, getting too old for this!!!🙈 But it's Friday tomorrow so it'll be grand!! Catch ya tomorrow 💋 thursdaynight #goingout #ootn #nightout #changingroomselfie #whattowear #mylookbook #mystyle #outfitdetails #botanicalprint #leathertrousers #metallicshoes #mixitup #stylist #stylisttips #fashionblogger #fashionista #styleblogger #stealmystyle #mumstyle #outfitinspo #styleideas #lovemyjob #elevatetheeveryday #londonlifestyle #fashionstylist 🌿


There’s one thing I keep hearing on repeat about Instagram and it’s the sense of community.

Despite the algorithm, despite the strange goings on of the mysterious sounding shadow ban and completely unrelated to whether you prefer a curated or a raw, unedited feed, Instagram remains the most positive & supportive place to hang out in Social Media World.

So I’m kicking off #OSsundaysocial as a way to introduce you to some beautiful feeds that I’m discovering and following.

First up is this beautiful offering - just a small sample of the Insta gorgeousness that is @maxine_mason 📷🙌🏻

I met Maxine in person at a @hero_stores blogging workshop and she’s every bit as lovely as her 3 X 3 grid you see here.

If warm tone photos that make you feel cosy and welcome are your thing then go say Hello to Maxine. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Sunday! 😘😘
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He and I, plus The Calling, Life House and Live! The best date night. ✨

Hello! I'm Erin.
I've decided to go more minimalistic with my style and with winter coming, why not start now?? How it works-
1. Comment "SOLD"
2. DM PayPal or Venmo account name
3. That's it! Enjoy!

Item will be on hold for 24 hours and then will open up to next person $2-$5 shipping added depending on item but will and can deliver in person if local 💕
Happy shopping loves 🖤

that awkward moment when you move and have no idea where you put your winter clothes in your storage unit 🙃 oops, any recommendations on local thrift stores?
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A girl can never have too many champagne glasses....especially with all of the opportunities for entertaining coming up! 🥂🍾✨📷 @afabulousfete #celebratelife #entertaining #bubblesmakeeverythingbetter
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I think this was one of my favorite DIY crafts I’ve done in a long time! We spent the evening putting up decorations (I know, I know—it’s early, but we’re making up for not decorating at all last year), watching movies, & making this garland. 📷 & help from @nickbat. •

#slowliving #inpursuitofsimplejoys #theartofsimpleliving #livesimply #elevatetheeveryday #DIY #popcorncranberrygarland #deckthehalls

“The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.” -Hazrat Inayat Khan 🍂 Thanks for the inspiration @whimsyandwhile ❄️ #thankful #madlyinspired

So in love with our maternity shoot photos!! Swip left to see a few samples of our magical Snowy Forest themed shoot to celebrate our winter baby girl!
Photography by @neffibergenphotography

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson 🌬🍂🍁❄️ Kudos to @melodyhhanson for seeing the beauty in the coming winter by taking this photograph. 🦃 #Thankful #madlyinspired

Anyone know that feeling when the process and the technique is more satisfying than the result? It’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s good not to obsess over the lines on the page but the act of making them instead, and that it’s very necessary to sketch for sketching’s sake, with no clear objective, to sift the mud and find the gold.

° Rainy mornings spent inside with coffee and a book are my favorite. °

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