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Vietnam. Via 🌟 @bestvacations 🌟
By ©Santi Foto 🐘

30 MAR: Watch rescuers help 11 elephants, including a baby, get out of a mud-filled bomb crater in Cambodia. The endangered animals were rescued on Saturday, after spending four days in the swampy waters, according to officials. The drama took place in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri Province. When local farmers realised the elephants were trapped in the depression last Friday, they notified the Department of Environment, who in turn notified the World Conservation Society (WCS). The conservationists were able to mobilise a rescue effort, supported by provincial authorities, local people, and the Elephant Livelihoods Initiative Environment (E.L.I.E). There are believed to be only several hundred of the endangered Asian elephants in Cambodia, according to conservation groups. All images courtesy of WCS/Kong Sothin/Khang Soeung/E.L.I.E. For more on the rescue: bbc.in/11elephants #Elephant #Elephants #Conservation #Animals #Cambodia #Asia #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews

Cute fox😍🦊
Photo by @ unknown

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Thanks to everyone who has supported my represent.com/josh campaign so far! Just one more week to get your #JoinTheHerd tee, tank top and hoodie! All proceeds go to @wildaid's effort to protect elephants and rhinos in Africa. (Link in bio)

Many people look at Gods as mere symbols, representations of forces or mind areas. Actually, the Gods are beings, and down through the ages ordinary men and women, great saints and sages, prophets and mystics in all cultures have inwardly seen, heard and been profoundly influenced by these superconscious, inner-plane, inner-galactic beings. Lord Ganesha is just such a being. He can think just as we can think. He can see and understand and make decisions, decisions so vast in their implications and complexity that we could never comprehend them with our human faculties of limited understanding. He is the Lord of wisdom and knowledge, also the first deity who awakens in our spiritual meditation and guide us on the path. That's why he is worshipped invariably first by every Hindu. He is Vighnaraja because he is the lord of obstacles. He also removes them when he deems fit. So Hindus worship Ganesha before starting any new venture.

Ganesha was also popular in both China and Japan centuries ago because of his association with Buddhism. Buddhism integrated Ganesha into their pantheon just as they admitted many other Hindu deities with same names but different status. The early Buddhists who went from Indian subcontinent to spread Buddhism in other countries introduced Ganesha to followers of Buddha in China and from there tradition moved to Japan. Subsequently in both China and Japan Ganesha gained popularity as a god who brought romance and good luck into people's lives. According to Buddhist tradition Buddha himself revealed a mystic mantra called Ganapathihrdaya to his close disciple Ananda at Rajagriha. Followers of Mahayana Buddhism allotted a specific place for Ganesha in their drawings of Mandalas or mystic diagrams. In China as well as in Japan, Buddha was worshipped in two forms. One was the traditional Ganesha with the usual and familiar appearance and the other was a two faced Ganesha standing opposite to each other. laughing Buddha who became popular in China shares some physical features with Ganesha and is also associated with good luck and good fortune.! ✨🐘🕉🎨
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Photo by @amivitale. The herd of rescued elephant calves plays together at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) in Northern Kenya. Reteti's team of expert wildlife keepers is helping to rehabilitate these elephants with the hope of reintroducing them to the wild herds in the Mathews Range. The keepers are all members of the local community and represent the expanding grassroots conservation movement that is helping protect wildlife for, and not just from, people.
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We all need somebody to lean on 🐘
Photo by Santi Foto

Elephant octopus ❤️


#tbt to #elephant baths in northern #thailand

Quand il nous regarde, on redevient enfant... #elephant #animal #beautiful #majestueux

Exposition l'état Sauvage par le surdoué chocolatier sculpteur @patrick_roger_officiel !
Coup de ❤ pour ces éléphants majestueux... #vernissage #elephant #sculpture #artwork #paris #metal #chocolate #artist #patrickroger #art #chocolat #design #exhibition

海外行きたいよおおお。#elephant #像 #🐘 #bali #baliisland #balizoo #バリ #バリ島 #動物園 #zoo #instagood #instalife #instalike #l4l #市原ぞうの国

Here is a sketch I did of an elephant for fun. Enjoy! #art🎨 #animals #elephant #traditionalart #drawing #sketchbookart

Petition also in my bio! @ Regrann from @vox_silentii - @ Regrann from @a_lallie - ‼️SIGN PETITION ‼️ .
The link to sign to #SaveRuperta is in my @a_lallie bio. Thank you 🐘💕 .
#Ruperta the starving #elephant has become a symbol of the worsening economic crisis in once-wealthy #Venezuela .
She should have around two decades of life left in her but she looks like she's on death's door. Well-wishers have rushed to #CaricuaoZoo with food but officials have refused them saying there may be some people with 'bad intentions' . The zoo has also refused offers of money, for unknown reasons.
The government has denied that Ruperta is starving, saying that a stomach ailment had caused her to lose weight and required her to be on a restricted diet but just last year, some 50 #animals starved to death at the #zoo due to the chronic #food shortages.
It's evident that Ruperta is clearly emaciated and in need of urgent medical care. Please sign this petition urging the zoo to relocate Ruperta to a sanctuary immediately!
Caption @a_lallie=> follow @vox_silentii - #regrann - #regrann

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