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day two of music camp is ✅ three more to go, then i'm jumping into training for my new #elementarymusic job this year!

The other day I was deleting pictures from my phone and found this. A student wrote it on my board my last year of teaching music at St. Benedict's. I realized just how much I miss that school. Fast forward to today when my favorite principal called to see if I can come back this fall. ☺️ See you in August, Leps. 😘 #musicteacherlife #wordsfail #musicspeaks #elementarymusic

I bought a ukulele yesterday so I could have one for my classroom (and also cause I'm a little bit basic). My face says anxiety cause my first day of teaching is a month from today 😨 #elementarymusic #ukulele #firsttimeteacher

I missed this room! Finally spent some time organizing/rearranging/labeling in my classroom today, thanks to these super cute labels from @mrsmiraclesmusicroom on TPT! #sweetsummertime #elementarymusic #teacherlife

Dün Zafer Kalkınma Ajansı ve Educon işbirliği ile Manisa Salihli'de okul öncesi öğretimlerimiz ile keyifli bir eğitime başladık. Eğitimimiz bu hafta boyunca devam edecek. #zaferkalkınmaajansı #educon #salihli #ayhanozturkegitimleri #zonguldaktürküsü #karadırkaşların #oyundansmüzik #okuloncesi #okulöncesieğitim #elementermuzik #elementarymusic #çocuk #oyun #dans #doğaçlama #keşfetmek #grupetkinligi

Meet the Teacher is one of my favorite nights of the school year! It's so exciting to see your students again and just chat it up! Usually myself and the specials teacher crew greet students and help them find their classroom. This year we decided to set up a specials teacher booth in addition to directing parents and students. It was so nice to showcase what we do in our classrooms! We had a few instruments, playground balls, and library books set up along with a little information about each of us. It went so well 😁 and it was nice to connect with parents so much more than usual! What do you do as a specialists during your Meet the Teacher?

First week of school down, excited for the rest of the year to come! ♡ #musicteacher #firstyearteacher #firstdayoutfit #elementarymusic #love

I'm thinking about changing up my classroom rules this year! What are your favorite go-to rules? #classroomrules #classrules #musicrules #mswonderlymakesmusic


"The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs...one step at a time." Joe Girard
I was so proud of my 7 year old for finally conquering his fear of going up the stairs to get to the water slide. He had been wanting to go on this slide all summer, yet was afraid of taking all of those stairs. Then he was afraid of how fast the slide would be. But, seeing his face when he came off the slide knowing that he did it was awesome. .
Maybe that's like you. You are wanting success in your business, with your students, with your kids, yet it isn't happening the way you want it to. Take one step at a time, and if you go back a step that's ok too. Success looks different to everyone. Some may look like they took the elevator to success, but there were many steps taken along the way. .
Some students struggle with learning music and that's ok! With many baby steps being taken, eventually a lightbulb goes off and they just "get it." Check out my website today at thedomesticmusician.com to see how I can help kids take steps towards learning music today.

It's that time of year. Everyone's posting their back to school swag and perfect classrooms all across social media. Remember that (1) Pinterest perfect is a big smoking mirror brought to you by the internet, and (2) you ARE enough. .
If you're anything like me, you've got some hardcore perfectionist tendencies. But according to my homegirl @yourkickasslife, you have the power to let yourself be a C+ today.
The funny thing is, your C+ is probably someone else's 4.0. Be kind to yourself, you're the only you we've got. 💗
Double tap to say "today, I am enough, just as I am!" #teacherlife #recoveringperfectionist

Like I said...I DO NOT have a @lularoe addiction...it's not a problem...I'm just trying to wear @lularoe as part of my outfit every day back to school for the month of August. I think I can do it..I'm pretty close 👀😂😳 I have 19 pieces total.....so far....who am I kidding, I'm addicted for sure 🤤😍 #lularoe #lularoeleggings #lularoecarly #lularoeazure #lularoecassie #lularoeirma #lularoelove #lularoelover #womenfashion #womenempowerment #teacher #teacherfashion #backtoschool #elementaryschool #elementaryteacher #elementaryeducation #elementarymusic #wranglers

Time for a recorder pool party! Guess what I'm getting ready for this week! 😭😭😭😭 📓📎✏️💔☀️
#generalmusic #iteachmusic #recordertime #dishwasher #elementarymusic #middleschoolmusic #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #musicteacher #musicteacherlife #recordercat

Really trying not to buy to much for my classroom this year. But I can't help myself making things fresh and new each year!

day two of music camp is ✅ three more to go, then i'm jumping into training for my new #elementarymusic job this year!


ENTER TO WIN! In honor of national parents week we are asking you to enter your parents to win a #ChordBuddy learning system! To enter: 1) Follow @thechordbuddy 2)Like this video and tag a friend.
3)Comment on this video with one thing you love about your parent(s).
That's it! The winner will be announced on MONDAY, July 31st. P.S. You can watch the full unboxing video on our Facebook page!

When you're used to pushing your coffee table out of the way and exercising in your living room, a lakeside workout is pretty darn awesome! ☀️

Just look at that bathing beauty! First trip to the beach today! She didn't care for the sand in her toes, on her hands, or really anywhere. But she had a great time staying clean and dry! She dabbled in shoveling and raking, but mostly watched mom and dad play! 👌

Dün Zafer Kalkınma Ajansı ve Educon işbirliği ile Manisa Salihli'de okul öncesi öğretimlerimiz ile keyifli bir eğitime başladık. Eğitimimiz bu hafta boyunca devam edecek. #zaferkalkınmaajansı #educon #salihli #ayhanozturkegitimleri #zonguldaktürküsü #karadırkaşların #oyundansmüzik #okuloncesi #okulöncesieğitim #elementermuzik #elementarymusic #çocuk #oyun #dans #doğaçlama #keşfetmek #grupetkinligi

Can I take the opportunity to introduce myself? I’ve seen new faces here and I want to say two things: Hello & Welcome! My name is Anne and I am a music teacher who loves helping you find the JOY in your teaching, while keeping it purposeful & sequential. Most weekdays you’ll find me busy singing with kiddos, but on the weekends my favorite thing to do is sit outside with a glass of wine (although another two weeks or so before I'll be doing that!) I’d be honored to connect with you, so leave a comment and let me know what you like to do with your free time! #musicteacherlife

This little boy is so much like his daddy, who does IT for a living. He loves computers and learns well by using technology. Writing is hard for him, but typing isn't. I remember getting our first family computer and how excited I was. I remember getting mad when one of my sisters would pick up the phone and it would kick me off of AOL. My how the times have changed. Now technology is everywhere! It is sometimes hard as parents and teachers to keep up with all of the changes and newness. Kids definitely learn differently than we did as kids and that's ok! Education is constantly evolving and changing and it is up to us as parents and educators to evolve and change right along with it.
That is part of the reason I created my online music lessons. Kids love to learn by using technology and I love to teach and record my lessons. While in the classroom, I earned teacher of the year at my school for being innovative and trying new things, and that desire and passion has not stopped. So head to thedomesticmusician.com today to see what I offer, who I am, and how your child can learn music.

These color coded recorder fingering charts are now available in my store. Laminate them and use magnetic strips so you can move them around and isolate the notes your students are working on. #recorders #elementarymusic

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