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Detail of "Rebirth". Live oak and copper leaf. Carved by John Whitman. #wood #sculpture #elementalarts #carving

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I decided to paint my stained glass butterfly to reflect the four elements. Once I get them home and scanned properly I will have prints made. They will be available as individuals or as a set of 4. #inspiredbynature #earthairfirewater #elements #elementalarts #watercolor #watercolorandink #butterfly


Ęłėmėńtåł Ârçhėtÿpėś➰ An exploration of elemental essences The symbol for Water is a downward-pointing triangle, since Water with its cold and moist qualities seeks to descend or condense. Water gives you a place to regenerate yourself, a spiritual and physical wellspring of refreshing nourishment. In planetary partnership with the Moon, the tidal moods of our emotions are linked to the ebb and flow of its cyclic symbolism. Adorning the room with its representation creates and inspires flow and clarity of thought and feeling. ➰ water colour on parchment , silver leaf and powdered mother of pearl.
More elemental art and insight to come ➰p

We got uv...#uvglass #uvreactive

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