We've almost reached the time everything will be up on etsy. 11.11 aest 💜 these black obsidian earrings are my new favourites but unfortunately won't be up this listing, howeva i have a few in the making if you're interested. {{{🦋}}}
.i'm only gonna post once a day so bare with me that my page goes all out of alignment 🙈
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Meet the star of today’s show: ✨peony✨ also ft. rose, veronica, snapdragon, gerber daisy, phlox and pitto. #elegantandbold ORDER ONLINE MUDEDINBURGH.COM ⚡️🌪⚡️

Be mysterious,elegant and bold like a cat. Look like we are sleeping, but we are in deep meditation.
Ok we are sleeping. 🤪
Ps. dogs are still my fav, but some cats are like dogs 💜🐱

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My girl 😍 she sure is elegant & bold.
I adore her spirit & old soul.
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Black and gold, elegant and bold, a combination that will never go out of style.
All edible 60th birthday cake for Ma’am Doris

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“Hold on darling, this mess was yours, now your mess is mine” - VANCE JOY -
This man was every bit of AMAZING live and in concert! Somehow we got lucky enough to have a photo op with him too 😍 -
Now what adventure do we have up next week?!
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Happy full PINK moon in Scorpio

To learn more about this pink moon I recommend checking out @mysticmama 🌕
This beautiful image was created by @cosmiccollage using and image from my “Elegant + Bold” collaboration with @_cebulka_. Please do not repost without giving credit (tagging) to @cortney108 @cosmiccollage @_cebulka_ 🙏🏽

She is something to behold #elegantandbold

My woman crush everyday. Not only are you such a breathtaking artist but you resemble the light in the entertainment industry. Thank you for being brave enough to stand for equality, for recognizing the disruption of gun violence, and for speaking out in regards to the sexual harassment in Hollywood despite your fear of what it would do to your career.
You are the most rare of breeds and hold your position with such grace, while still moving with playfulness and humor.
I admired you from the first time I saw you on screen. The fact that you have utilized your fame to speak out for the greater good fills my soul.

When your Friday night are this special ❤️😍💋👌 #vancejoy #elegantandbold #mybaby #momlife #isthiswhattheycalllit

Cold blue sky and Vance Joy's "Georgia" on my headphones ("elegant and bold" may be my new life goal 😂) Walking to college. I do miss the Lakes, but there's lots to love about Japan in January.

@vancejoy is who I listen to when I have nothing left to give, when I'm studying at 3AM and I'm exhausted, when I'm 9 semesters deep with 3 more to go, and when I'm rejoicing in the little victories. Quinn and I started listening to him long before Riptide made it big and know every song by heart. 3 months ago Quinn left a voicemail on my phone asking if I wanted to go to his concert in Indianapolis for Christmas, I called her back and asked if that was a question that really even needed to be asked 😆. She knows me so very well and picked the perfect gift to come after a rough semester. This concert was the biggest motivating factor to get through it and something I have really looked forward to. I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with such a thoughtful and wonderful big sister and overall blessing me abundantly in the sister department! (Can't forget how great @arielschantz is!!) #vancejoy #elegantandbold #fireandtheflood

A yoga teacher gave me the enlightened advice that when I'm feeling helpless to go help someone in need. When I'm feeling sad to make it my mission to make someone happy. She told me that if I want to feel a certain way, I can get access to it by providing it for someone else first. She was so right. This is a universal truth.

The mass shootings, political turmoil, and natural disasters that we're experiencing has left my heart in broken pieces on the floor, and it's tempting (for me) to feel totally helpless.

Do you know what's not making a difference in the world or helping to put back the broken pieces? Me sitting around sulking and feeling helpless. It's not making a difference and it's making me feel like crap! So I've decided to take my teacher's advice and start a mission to help people.

I want to help people all over the world, but I'm going to start right here in Charleston. I'm inspired by a local homeless shelter, One80 Place and I have a personal mission to raise $4000 which will provide urgently needed items and move-in kits for families that need assistance. One80 Place offers women and families the opportunity to "begin again" with the support of people like you and me. They also offer food, housing, counseling, employment, education, legal services, and more.

I believe that community and connection is the medicine this world needs and I'm ready to take action.

If you'd like to support my mission there are a couple ways you can get involved:

1) Purchase one of the above prints via Fine Art America. The two digital art prints were created by @cosmiccollage using one of my yoga images from Elegant + Bold a collaboration with @_cebulka_ (link in bio 👆🏽)
*%50 of the proceeds of these prints will go towards providing urgently needed items and move-in kits for One80 Place.

2) Attend my very special 90 minute yoga class at @wearemissionyoga on November 11th, $30, 4:00 - 5:30.
*All proceeds will go towards providing urgently needed items and move-in kits for One80 Place.

3) Donate to my Go Fund Me account. *All proceeds will go towards providing urgently needed items and move-in kits for One80 Place.

•She is electricity running to my soul•⚡️✨ (Vance Joy Lyrics because I finally get to see him in concert TOMORROW!!!😭❤️🎸🤘🏼) #ElegantAndBold #Georgia.💕💕💕

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