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Мы переехали!!! Да, опять😔простите снова, за такие неудобства)))
Теперь наш магазин стал чуть больше😏
Наше новое место по улице Абулхаир хана 34 (с левой стороны от элекрона) Ищите нас теперь там😃в Дом быта нас нет!!! Мы работаем в новом режиме с 10:00 до 19:00 в будни и с 10:00 до 15:00 в выходные)
Официальное открытие магазина пройдет 8.07.2017🎉🎊

มิกกี้ดูเหมือนจะเป็นหมามากกว่านกนะ 😅 @bart_8600

Muchisimas felicidades a la promo 17 #Electus 💪! Por su gran lanzamiento del dia de hoy! De parte de todos los estudiantes de 3ro, los mejores y prosperos deseos para ustedes.💕👏 #AEllosHayQueDarlesBanda #SeBurlaron 😂

Pretty cute rainforest bird ☺️#rainforest #electus #parrot

Festejando la navidad en familia.❤️ #electus #NavidadElectus

I love this view from work. #electus


Our newest arrival all the way from @quirky1crochet! Anyone with name suggestions that start with either an A or C are appreciated--if I pick your name suggestion you may even get one of my super cool reward scratch off cards (I'll lay a few out and do a live scratch off reveal).

✈️✈️✈️Charlie tracking her birdie daddy's flight home ✈️✈️✈️

Since it's WAY too hot for me to be cutting wood for toys, Charlie decided to help me in picking out a sleeve for the iPad! I think she did a pretty good job selecting one--what do you think?? (Swipe right to see all the pics for Charlie's final selection)

Surely I'm not the only one with toucan salt and pepper shakers?! #FridayFinds #theydidnthaveparrotones

Yay Leather arrived before I ran out (I'm switching most toys to be strung on leather for added durability). So this is what almost 200 feet of vegetable tanned leather looks like!

Another #sneakpeak at a toy that will be available in next month's Friday fun sales--pine, cork bark, natural wood coins and vine stars strung on leather!

This week's plan--my Happy Planner just wasn't cutting it anymore so Evernote on the business iPad to the rescue!

In an effort to keep CE organized (and to free up a LOT of space on my iPhone) I decided to buy a dedicated iPad Pro for this purpose. This will also allow me to edit the website more easily (and without having to drag my laptop around) and stay more connected when we are traveling in October (wedding + honeymoon...I plan on doing some website editing on the plane 😂😂). So far I'm really loving having my phone "back" lol.

For Flash Sale Fridays in September, one will be for a MEGA mahogany package of awesomeness with a VERY special price (and most likely limited to 5 bundles as I am making them ahead of time). There will also be bundle deal of fun balsa toys (the first two toys will be included in that one 😉). So if you want to score some great deals on toys..get ready!!!

Charlie enjoying some one-on-one tv time and head rubs 😍😍

Haven't tidied it up at all, may varnish later.
Jaycar "natural" wood PLA filament, printed on up mini 2.
#3dprinted #3dprinting #3dmodel #jaycar #electus #tiertime #upmini2 #woodfill #hybrid #filaments #homedecor #homeoffice

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