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If the universe is a hologram, what happens when the projector is turned off? 🌟
Was sick and tired of the standard train shots... ok no, to be honest I just suck at photography and didn‘t catch a train 🙄 so I had to improvise and this is what came out 😂

I’m not a wedding photographer, but if certain opportunities arise, like this one, I’m all for it 😏.
Most definitely one of my favorite images I’ve ever taken, this shot happened by accident when I stumbled upon a couple (in full wedding attire) walking up to the famous Sólheimasandur plane wreck. They hopped on the plane, climbed up to the top, and just started to embrace the moment. They had a friend flying a drone but no cameras so I volunteered of course. It was pretty special and surreal watching them and I captured what I assume is the coldest kiss they’ll ever have.
I’d also like to say that during my time around the plane crash prior to the couples arrival, I noticed a lot of disrespect toward the land and other travelers by certain tourists, some even leaving trash. If you’re out traveling and see this, tell people to stop. The world is a beautiful place, but we need to take care of it, not take it for granted.
A big thank you to @adanielmoore for aiding with certain editing elements for this image.
Shot on the Sony A7rii.

A thought of 22. Bye .
I wonder how sick this world can get. People always wanting to talk about themselves than listen to others. People always looking at themselves way better than the others. All of us being corporate puppets that we trade our lives, our moments, our youth to the mere affirmation that we are finally doing something right - which is to become slaves for people and corporations that treat us like dispensable objects. We compete everyday with others so we wear thicker and thicker masks until we can no longer feel anything more. We have lived our lives for others to live life. Our names are written now on catalogues for the nameless. And when we leave, I wonder, how will this sick world remember me?

All that afterlife
I don't hold with it
All your gods are false
Just get used to it
Let's go out tonight
Kill some stubborn myths
Set those ghosts alight, get into it.

No one's getting younger
Would you like a souvenir?
Let it take you under,
Feel your worries disappear 'Cause if you don't believe, it can't hurt you
And when you let it leave, it can't hurt you
'Cause if you don't believe, then you know
Then you know it can never do you harm
'Cause if you don't believe, it can't hurt you

Ok, I admit
I'm not innocent
I did everything and I would again
I'm not listening
I've heard everything
Graveyard listening
I'm into it
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