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Seven years ago I dropped our teeny tiny eldest at school and she looked at me and said 'Mummy I will be thinking of you !' After the happiest days of her life she leaves for secondary school and all the children today celebrated their talents and who they are....each one so different and each one so unique . Thinking of all the children finishing term this week and a huge three cheers for all the wonderful teachers out there ...

Wrinkly eyes and sandy hands; I've missed this one among the newborn knackeredness and relentless 🍈🍈feeding. Despite being persistently asked "why are you still so fat now the baby is out?" its good to be back Mae #eldest #parentingtheshitoutoflife #motherpukka

She is my Sunshine my only Sunshine..... I LOVE HER n can't say enough great things about this girl!!!! #blessed #sunshine #eldest #radomalour

End of an era @kabaragoya_lord but so much to look forward to. I'm so proud of you. Keep it going #prouddad #eldest #feelingold #nextchapter

Happy birthday sissy😘😘😘
#eldest #lovely #sweet 😅😅


Happy Birthday! 🎉 🎂

#eldest #youngest

So immensely proud of this munchkin for all the hard work and effort he puts into school. Bagged his gold 100% for three years attendance, for the whole of Lower school. A Brunch consisting of croissants, fresh juices and other pastries on the school courtyard, certificates, medals, goodie bag AND four tickets to Mega Zone and TWO tickets for Lazer Tag. All finnished off with a evening of buddies and running wild. School is out wohoooo, let the wine flow freely and bring on our summer holiday 💖💖 xx #schoolsoutforsummer #eldest #schoollife #brunch #awards #kidsstuff

I love this! Wouldnt trade being a mum for anything! I may not be able to go out anytime I like or have the best things but I know my kids will ❤ #mummy #mum #family #first #son #eldest #priorities

I may be biased but Damn he's gorgeous! #son #eldest #handsome #beautifulblues #myworld #lovehim

Buongiorno lettori,questa sarà la mia prima recensione sulla page. ~Il libro del quale vi voglio parlare oggi è #eldest di Cristopher Paolini.
É il secondo libro di una quadrilogia che narra le vicende di Eragon, che trova un uovo di drago il quale schiudendosi lo fa diventare un cavalire ,l'unico oltre il malvagio sovrano Galbatarix.
In questo libro Eragon e Saphira,la sua dragonessa vanno a procedere il loro addestramento a Ellesmera, città elfica,non riescono a terminarlo che devono andare ad aiutare i Varden,popolo contro il re, in una battaglia contro l'impero.
Questo libro,nonostante sia molto lungo,mi ha emozionata per tutta la sua durata,ci sono dei colpi di scena meravigliosi. Per una parte di racconto tutto viene visto da diversi personaggi in diversi luoghi che poi si ricongiungono. Giá il primo libro mi é piaciuto molto,il secondo l'ho proprio amata, si merita 5/5⭐
Lo consiglio a chi piace sia il fantasy sia un po' di avventuta

My beautiful eldest daughter looking all grown up and ready to say goodbye to first school and head to secondary school, time goes so fast, I'm so proud of her the next chapter is going to be a full on ride #daughter #eldest #growingup #growinguptoofast #beautiful #family #proud #prouddad

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