Eight years ago today Lexy's Dad & I adopted Pete, or as I like to call him "dog zero". Because nothing was ever the same after Pete (AP). AP my empathy, vulnerability and advocacy was more than I'd known possible. This beautiful senior, abuse survivor, Basenji-Corgi pup reshaped everything. Pete taught me about love, the everlasting importance of a moment and family.
Pete was adopted from @bcspca at 9 years young. Sadly he was diagnosed with #IMHA not long after and for the next 2.5 years we lived every day as our last together - with purpose and joy - never knowing when this terminal disease would cripple or take him.
Pete's strength and will to live have left a mark. On New Years Eve 2013 we said "till we meet again" . Pete's soul is my litmus for what is right.
Pete's passing was / is incredibly hard but I'm reminded .. Lexy was once a shelter dog at our local @bcspca .. Pete & Lexy actually touched noses and for that I believe in karma ❤❤ Please make adoption your first option. (See the link in our BIO for Pete's tribute video ❤❤)

Finally back home with my baby girl. Spy that one eye slightly open ... making sure her momma doesn't leave her side again ❤
(bandana by @idratherbewithmydog )

Carpooling with this guy today ❤️🐶 #elderbull #pibble #seniordog

Top notch snuggles today! #lupe #elderbull

I posted this last week, but, it somehow was deleted or removed from my feed. It’s too great not to repost. Everyone, meet Laser-Ready-Pig. 😎 @doggles_eyewear

He doesn’t like cameras, but he was looking particularly cute this morning ❤️🐶 #americanbulldog #bulldog_ig_community #bigdog #elderbull @bulldogstuff @bulldogsofig

Being a tall girl, I have always struggled with glute activation (versus quad activation) in leg exercises.
This manifested as over-developed quads and a weak backside. From what I have learned in experience and know from my studies...this formula is prime for back and hip pain (especially if we sit a lot in our day-to-day...)
What I already know but can't wait to confirm with the taking of my final stats on Day 80: 🍑 I have a *gain* in my booty size!
🍑 I have leaning & toning of my legs.

This tells me that the exercises I'm following in this program and truly training the intended muscles!!
While that may not sound super exciting to you...it means the world to a girl who has always had a "thunder thighs" complex.
I really do feel like my entire body is more balanced not just in proportions, but also in strength.
There's a peace of mind in that.
Oh....and NO back pain from sitting or standing too long. 🍑
I'm about to take my final stats next week and I'm already preparing a NEW CHALLENGE and NEW GROUP! Sooooooo what are you waiting for? If you're ready to get started...I'll guide you! Hit me up if you want IN on my April group!!!


While Deja LOVES people of all ages, she is not getting along with the resident dog after a two week shutdown and proper intros and she needs to be moved to a new foster home ASAP where she can be the one and only pet.
Due to Deja's age, we do NOT want to put her in a boarding situation - it would not be ideal or fair to her.

Deja is looking for a warm place to lay her senior bones until a forever home can be found. Can you open your heart and home to a senior bully in need?
Bella-Reed covers any and ALL supplies needed for fostering (food, toys, crate, vet care, training, leash/collar, etc etc). If interested in fostering Deja, please submit an application via our website at bellareedpbr.com/foster
If you cannot foster, please SHARE for Deja!

The face when mum wakes you up for a photo😪😂📸 I’m cooperative, because she just finished the exam🤓No more book for her for a while, 100% belongs to me🐶👅💕#cute #sleepyhead #adorable #puppyeyes #furbaby #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier #bullbreedsofinsta #brindle #brindlestaffy #elderbull #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #endbsl
Please check out my handsome pawtner @lucky.lovable.louie rescue star 🌟🐶🌟

June and Max the puppy. #neighbors #elderbull #puppyfriends

It’s no secret that Polar loves to roll in a variety of disgusting organic debris; it’s usually kind of funny and at worst, it’s gross, but can always be bathed away. It makes her happy as hell, so, I usually don’t mind (I become slightly annoyed when I’m taking her out before work or social obligation and she decides to roll in the most disgusting thing she can...😁). In late February, while Poopyhead-Rue was at @AMCNY for her spay (and cancelled leg amputation surgical procedure), I was thankful for Polar’s ground-rolling shenanigans. It was an unseasonably warm day, we were outside enjoying it and the rolling ensued. While she was rolling, I noticed a suspicious and new growth on her left front leg.
At the time, it was small, but rapidly grew in size over the next 5-7 days. I brought her into work with me, had the growth aspirated by our awesome vet and the samples were sent to the @idexxlab for a pathologist to read. The results only took two days to come in, but the wait time was agonizing; although I tried not to die a thousand deaths about what it could be, I did, and quite a bit of crying occurred over that period of time.
The results reported the growth as a histiocytoma, a benign skin tumor that regresses over a three month period (see the 4th photo - it’s mostly resolved)! Histiocytomas are somewhat unusual in dogs over the age of three, but, everything about Polar is fairly unusual - haha!
The moral of this story is, take your dogs/pets in for regular veterinary care, don’t blindly follow the advice of Dr. Google or people on social media who aren’t veterinarians. If you have questions, or something is suggested to you, ask your vet, they are happy to answer and advise you, that is part of their job. ❤️ #PolarPigAndRalph #AdoptTheCropped #PittieLove #ElderBull #pitbulllove #pitbullgram_ #pittieparty #pittiesofinsta #pittie #AdoptDontShop #dbmp #pitbulls #pitbullsarelove #pitbullsofig #thedodo #flapsofdestiny #seniordog #blackdog #blackdogsrule #blackdogsofinstagram #proudpitbull_feature #croppedears #ruffpost #bullylife #weeklyfluff #VeterinaryMedicine

Mi furiend Miele needs our support! Please share, donate, send good vibes and bully love her way ❤

Repost @pitbull_jack_and_miele 📣📣 hi friends please read carefully below! 📣📣
My sweet sissy Miele... Is passing a rough period... Yesterday we had exams but I renew one more time WHY we did it! She's suspected to have a brain tumor.
We should raise 550€ in the next week and a half for magnetic resonance...😨 To know better what to do next... We already raised more or less 300€ ♥ THANK YOU!♥... 190 were already used for her yesterday's exams... WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! my mom usually don't do these such things but she's really out of any extra fund now and would really appreciate a little little help! Even 1 little coin! Please! Help me and my mom to help Miele.. ♥
If you can't donate please share! 🙏 on your stories like you prefer! If you want to ask something our mom, ask! She will be happy also to talk with you.. Our mom is alone.. It's difficult to take care of two dogs, she always made it but this time she needs a little help! Links in bio !🙏☝UPDATES ON STORIES! 🔸my friends! 🔸

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Enjoying this beautiful day with Lenny! #elderbull #springhassprung #westphilly #dogwalkers #freshprints

Cat test = ✔️ Our elderbull Brutus passed with flying colors! We are certain he will make the best addition to the right family. bellareedpbr.com/adoption

#brutusbrpbr #elderbull #bellareedpitbullrescue #cattest

“She's an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.” ― Nicole Lyons

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