Ouhp my children killed it in there 1st rally(except AC) as APD proud of these guys as usual and i can’t wait for next year these guys are so underrated honestly 😤❤️ oh and s/o to #Elcaminodance for letting me and mah boi @eddiemina choreograph for the rally

"dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart is another" // these past two years have been so enriching and I am so thankful my counselor made that lil mistake that led to me being in 6th period dance last year....it wasn't all perfect, many times I was frustrated with myself and I know I'm not the best dancer, but I have learned to become confident in myself, learn from my mistakes, and perform! Here's to my last dance show, I was sick for most of this semester unable to give my all, but I feel satisfied that even if I wasn't able to physically, I left my heart on that stage the moment I started crying after pink ribbons. Life advice #29292 : try something new, it might change your life ;) #elcaminodance

ECHS Dance Show 2018💖🤠 #elcaminodance

transcendance vs unique grooves 💕 #elcaminodance

transcendance 💕 #elcaminodance

2016➡️2018 #elcaminodance

Ninjacubebot watching Alyssa in the El Camino Dance Show #ninjacubebot #cubebotadventures #elcaminodance #mydaughtersareawesome

i’m not good at captions but she’s good at dancing lol👯‍♀️✨ #elcaminodance

s/o to jesus for giving me the best people in the world :') #ysatakesondanceshow #TWOMORESHOWS #transcendance #elcaminodance

my niece, @_trishiiee_ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💃🏻 #elcaminodance

Shout out to El Camino High School for a great event. Good job to Future Soldier Arias and her dance team! #communitysupport #armylife #futuresoldier #elcaminohighschool #elcaminodance #career Hit me up for info and be part of our team 760-490-4435

My whole school year leads to this. #elcaminodance annual spring dance production. #dancelife DM FOR TICKETS! THANKS FOR SUPPORTING MY KIDS & THE ARTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS! We really do make a difference in all these children’s lives. Your attendance or donations show we are #important. #TranscenDANCE

After I saw this pic of Marissa was like ....".This move doesn't look too difficult so I attempted it and actually I got pretty far but then my back made this loud cracking sound..and I was like.... uh oh "
#redondobeachpier #southbayballet #southbayphotographer #elcaminodance #redondobeachesplanade #sunsetballet #sunsetdance

It’s been a “dancing daughters” kinda week (but really, when is it not?) #sjsushamrockshowcase18 #elcaminodance #mydaughtersareawesome

Congratulations to Ms. Stevenson for going to Sacramento to compete for educator of the year!!!!! We are thankful to have such an amazing, caring, and cheerful dance director at El Camino High School!!! #elcaminodance #echsstaff #congratsmsstevenson

i miss dancing so much #elcaminodance 😢 all the #goodvibes and positivity.. ❤️

Congratulations to Ms. Stevenson for being a winner of California League of High Schools Educator of the Year for Region 4!!!!! We wish you luck on the next step to Sacramento for State Competition!!!! #elcaminodance #echsstaff #congratsmsstevenson

(rp) assessment dayyyy! i love this choreo so enjoy! #elcaminodance

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