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We finally got to celebrate our first engaged Valentine’s Day @kobobysushiko. These are just a few of our amazing courses tonight. If you haven’t had a meal prepared by Chef Piter yet you must try his kappo tasting. What an experience. 🍣😍

So lucky to be making this woman my forever Valentine. ❤️ #EKRMstory

Scenes from my birthday brunch. #wcw

Having the love of your life say yes to growing old together is the best thing that could ever happen. Celebrating that love with amazing friends is a blessing. Thank you @ashleychristine20 for organizing an amazing surprise engagement party and to all y’all who came and celebrated with us. Shout out to @dirtywaterdc for making the day so special. #EKRMstory

Congratulations on your 💍 my beautiful Becca 💙 #EKRMstory

When you hit your stitches while trying to take a photo and it’s caught on Live Photo 😂

It’s National Kiss a Redhead Day...don’t mind if I do. 😏 #EKRMstory

Couldn’t be happier with my takeaways from 2017. || Thanks for the ❤️ and Happy New Year!

Bringing our crews together. ❤️#EKRMstory #latergram

Her smile makes me warm on the coldest days. | Happy birthday to my beautiful fiancée, @itsbeccamiller. 🎂🎈#mybabebex

Hanging in our city with my pretty. #mybabebex

I had best game & Becca had most hole in ones. 💪🏻⛳️ #EKRMstory

Riding into the abyss 🚲 #mybabebex

Not pictured: me belting my lungs out singing the entire ride and @itsbeccamiller not killing me. ❤️ #thatislove #EKRMstory

Today is the first day of the @_behold.her #thankstoHER2017 movement. Each day of November I will participate by posting about the bad ass women in my life. || it's #wcw and this woman puts up with me every day AND got on one knee to tell me she WANTS to do that for the rest of her life. So that's pretty cool. 😎 #mybabebex

Life is AWESOME. My fiancée is AMAZING. 🎡💍😍#EKRMstory #KraussWifeLife

She gave me a hard time about riding the Ferris Wheel the night I proposed to her so @itsbeccamiller decided to redeem herself in a major way 💍 🎡#EKRMstory #justsaidyes @weddingwire #krausswifelife

Most importantly know that it is OK to be you. 100%, unapologetically you. #nationalcomingoutday

We are extremely thankful for the overwhelming response of love and good wishes we've received from our friends and family over the past week. We are excited to share a lifetime of love with all of you. 👭💍#EKRMstory #wcw #KraussWifeLife

🌈The wall of little dudes. #EKRMstory

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