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Tym razem zboczenie zawodowe wyszło na pazurkach 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 #EKG #medstudent 😎
New #zumba choreos in progress! Starting with my own classes in May! 🙌🏻🎶🔜💖

Delar upp dagens besök lite. Vi startade med att äta tidig lunch på Sunderbyns sjukhus och Max är alltid grymt imponerad av sån där "blinkade" och "pipande" dosa (som meddelar när maten är färdig) och vill nu införa det på sin egen Max hamburgerrestaurang här hemma till sina matgäster 😊👍🏼 Efter vägning och mätning var det dags för EKG av hjärtat och blodtryck och idag var denna undersökning lite jobbig för Max 😣 antagligen för att sist, vid ambulansfärden in, så satt de både EKG på akuten och på barnmottagningen och tog lite ont då lapparna skulle av 2 gånger...så Max fick idag lite lindrigare lappar denna gång och fick först koppla på sin pappa och testa, så det gick bra till slut 👍🏼sedan ut i väntrummet för att vänta på ultraljudet på hjärtat och efter den undersökningen, blev det lite extra planer framöver 😟💛 men jag återkommer med det.... #hjärta #hjärtebarn #ekg #hjärtundersökning

Technology has transformed retail, transportation, and communication, so why is the delivery of medical care essentially unchanged? •I use all sorts of technology in my practice to diagnose, monitor, treat, and communicate with patients in ways that increase access and efficiency. One example is for patients with heart palpitations. In the past, you would be sent to a cardiologist (and pay a new co-pay) and they would order you to wear a Holter Monitor for a week or a Patch for a few days (both are expensive tests) and then it would take another week or so to get things analyzed. No one would contact you about results (bc they would want another visit co-pay to go over results). •Instead of that run-around I lend people out this small device, which records a medical grade EKG directly into their smartphone. The EKG can then get texted to me, and right there (whether that person is at work, at home, at a Laker game,etc.), I can read it and text them back as to whether they need to start new meds, or whether their palpitations have nothing to actually do with their heart. •The technology is here. But the current system of insurance, referrals, copays, and prior authorization hinders doctor's ability to take advantage. I am here to change that. Diagnosing someone's palpitations as being atrial fibrillation may prevent a stroke. And letting them know their palpitations are probably just anxiety and not actually their heart may be just as vital for their quality of life. It is time for medicine to get with the times.

PARDER ISTANBUL'un Bezmialem Üniversitesi hemşirelerine yönelik düzenlemiş olduğu EKG Eğitiminden kareler.. Paramedik Derneği

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Need a good NCLEX prep book? This is my personal favorite which I pull most of my questions from. I know people who have solely used this book to prep for the NCLEX and passed, definitely worth the $$ 👩🏽‍⚕️#nursing #nursingstudent #nursingschool #nurselife #RN #telemetry #EKG #md #medlife #medicalschool #doctor #hospital #nerd #nclexreview #nclexquestion #NCLEX #icu #studyhard #nursingeducation #pacu #surgery #scrubnurse #registerednurse

Una cos si se de mi Solo trato de ser diferente a los demas

Check you vitals anywhere!

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Performed EKG tests earlier this week to assess the health of a couple clients. Can anyone tell me the heart rate of this individual? So much detail is involved with the waves and dips of the lines!! #ekg #heartrate #health #exercisephysiology #anatomy #fitness #heart #ruleof300 #wellness #exercise #atrium #ventricle #bloodflow #lifestyle

Was trying to improvise while I was practicing and Ms.Sharon got my to laughing. #EKG

Helo is able to perform a blood pressure measurement thanks to its innovative Toshiba ApP Lite processor. This data is detected by a light sensor which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption. The more measurements you do, the more Helo will learn about you!
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