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Sometimes you need to bring back the good old memories! #EK2012

2012 premiership reunion #ek2012

Vandaag in 2012: Mario Balotelli na zijn goals tegen Duitsland op het EK! #viflashback #supermario #ek2012 #balotelli

Zit je ineens in het archief te bladeren: achter de bar bij de Oranjecamping #ek2012 #jongendun #throwback

#tbt 🌞..that time when you know you'll get dizzy😖 with that space shuttle ride(rollercoaster), but you still did it with me..🌟😄 ahhhh, our adventures and mishaps together.. I'll go through them all, over and over, side by side with you..plus more ahead of us! 😜 #EK2012 @louisvonmatterhorn "Life can be like a rollercoaster..and just when you think you've had enough, and you're ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go round.. You change your mind, throw your hands in the air and ride the rollercoaster all over again. That's exhilaration..That's living a bit on the edge..That's being alive!"-- Stacey Charter

Avro BusinessJet 146 to Charkov to support the Dutch national team with 46 VIP seats on board. #EK2012 #Oranje

Missed these people and @aldrinjayv! 😢😅😂👬👭👯 #FreshmenYear #EK2012

Working late #ek2012 #kaai16


Mahal ko
Every moment we spent together
Has touched our lives, our souls forever
The things that we shared and learned
Is permanent growth that we've earned.

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