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#TransformationTuesday as of two weeks ago I completed F45 #eightweekchallenge still nowhere near my end goal but baby steps. Over the eight weeks I lost 6kgs and down 6cm in my waist. And have lost some more since. I'm not usually one to post but this sort of stuff but I'm trying to make myself more accountable for a more balanced lifestyle and reach my goals. Just wanted to do a huge shoutout and thank you too my trainers at @f45_training_lower_hutt_south @aspenil Cat @_liv_a_little and @ashkerkin bring on the next challenge 💪🏼

our last challenger and all we can say is WOW talk about achieving the look of a fitness model bree you have killed it well done.
check out www.eightweekchallenge.com for details of the next challenge or we have temporarily opened sign up for the may 1st challenge today and tomorrow only (normal registration opens april 17) you can even use AFTERPAY at
https://fit-for-life-24-7.myshopify.com/products/8-week-challenge?variant=27992957835 #asnfuelled #8weekchallenge #eightweekchallenge #fitforlife247 #fitforlifechampion

Congratulations @zamalicious for setting a new record on the board squatting 127.5kgs in the 67.5kg catering😊 You've come a long way since your first day here Zama. Always giving it 100% in the classes Yeeeeeah ZAMA💪 #Squat #LegDay #TeamRTC #CrossTraining #EightWeekChallenge

I promise not to clog your feed with EVERY MEAL, but as I try to get back on track with @weightwatchersuk/ @weightwatchers/@TIUteam, I am going to share a few to keep me accountable! Breakfast this morning:
1 egg + 2 egg whites: 2 sp;
25g goats cheese: 3 sp;
1/2 cup blueberries: 0 sp; and
Coffee with unsweetened almond milk: 0 sp = Total of 5 sp! {Am starting the #TIU #eightweekchallenge this week, but since my protein powder hasn't arrived from the US yet, am improvising breakfast!}
#weightwatchers #weightwatchersuk #tracking

Our October member of the month goes to Chloe Wilson! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 Chloe is dedicated and takes a ‘no excuses’ approach to her training. She believes consistency (training five – six times a week) is one of the biggest reasons why she is continuously achieving her goals.
With a young family and a business to run, Chloe feels that making time early in the mornings for herself to train is vital so she remains fit, healthy, and energized for the day ahead. Since Chloe has such a big workload she felt an increase in her energy intake (to meet her expenditure) was really beneficial to her lifestyle.
Chloe loves the friendly environment that has been created by staff and members at Jetts. She is currently a member of Maeve’s 8 Week Challenge group and is definitely in it to win it.

#jettsaustralia #eightweekchallenge #mumswholift #supermum

This time last year I was waiting for an operation, I then went on to have two more including a spinal fusion, but today this was my view! I climbed Mt Walsh! #eightweekchallenge #jettsbundaberg

Kicking off the @toneitup #bikiniseries2017 challenge with @minimoosedoodle this morning. Who else is in? Follow me @tiu_mountaintime for my challenge check ins! #tiugirl #dayone #eightweekchallenge

Starting my eight week challenge today with @ethanban keen to see some great results, head over and check out Ethan's Instagram and if you need any fitness advice, help with nutrition or exercises he's the man to talk to! Big thanks to @evlsports with my supplementation 💪🏻🍏 #eightweekchallenge #fitness #letsseesomeresultsbaby #gym #health


Ted thought he'd jump in on the booty pic. Stoked with how this challenge is going #kindawantacheeseburger #kindawantabs #eightweekchallenge #crossfitbarrage #5kgdown #halfway

Hands up (or just like our post ;P instead) if you've tried some kind of fitness or health regime & then just went nope not for me. Well that was me, super lazy, but I've decided it's time to commit to a cause. Eight weeks isn't too much of a commitment so I'm trying out different methods and letting you know the results! Follow us to stay updated, see what you think. Even tag someone who you think could do the #eightweekchallenge #fitness #health #wedding #blog #eightweeks #challenge Link below: Onlineweddingplanning.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/fitter-in-8-weeks/

Se oli siinä, tällä erää 💪🏾 8 viikon rutistus takana. Vkonloppu vapaa ja uusia juttuja maanantaina kun #ontämäkisaatanatyömaa 🤪 #hallussa #fitbysofiabasic #salipirkko #bikinikuntoon #muodotkohdillaan #wannabe #fit #gymgirl #eightweekchallenge #curvy #bikinishape

Day 1 of 8 weeks. I will post once a week.
#thrive #eightweekchallenge #timeforachange

8-week challenge client Glenn smashing out some hip thrusts. Glenn is an advanced lifter, though he joined the 8-week challenge as he felt his deadlift was underperforming and his quads were fatiguing too soon. After going through his regular workout it was easy to see his struggles were due to a lack of glute and hamstring development.

While the deadlift requires use of pretty much your entire posterior chain, you want your bigger muscles acting as your primary movers, and obviously quads at the front should not be doing as much lifting, but due to the muscular imbalances in Glenn's lower body, his quads have gotten used to overcompensating for his lower-body lifts, even when they're not really supposed to. Hip thrusts are a great way to break movements down and really focus on activating and strengthening the glutes.

We are at the halfway mark of our 8-week challenge and we will be doing some 1RM and 5RM deadlift testing next week to see how Glenn's deadlift has improved!
If you're struggling with a particular kind of lift, not sure where you should be feeling it, or you just think you could do with some extra coaching, feel free to contact me either via message or email brentevanspt@gmail.com
#deadlift #hipthrusts #perthpt #personaltrainer #fitfam #perthfitfam #eightweekchallenge #deadliftcoach #strengthtraining #gym #legday #backday #fitness

Congratulations @zamalicious for setting a new record on the board squatting 127.5kgs in the 67.5kg catering😊 You've come a long way since your first day here Zama. Always giving it 100% in the classes Yeeeeeah ZAMA💪 #Squat #LegDay #TeamRTC #CrossTraining #EightWeekChallenge

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