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One down five more to collect Happy meal at #mcdonnalds #JohnLuc #eightmonths

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Can’t believe my baby is already eight months 😩 (almost nine) He’s the busiest eight month old I know and in to EVERYTHING. He’s crawling, standing, walking around the table,clapping, screaming and talking my ears off. Oh and he will eat anything! He’s growing wayyy too fast, I wish I could freeze time. .
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I came home from a photography conference today.  I said good bye to my sweet, angel friend, and headed down the long, cold corridor to my gate. I instantly broke down.  I surrendered to the tears, and they soon became sobs. My body trembled and tears fell to the ground.  I couldn’t stop, and I didn’t care who was looking at me.  Life has gotten easier to live and breathes get easier to take, but my longing for him never stops.  Imagine you had to sprint a mile as fast as you could without being in shape.  Your lungs burn, your head spins, your surrounding start to blur and you feel confused.  That is what it feels like to lose a child, but even worse.  I found myself pleading through my sobs, begging God to bring him back.  Most days are not like this, and for that I am grateful, but today I miss him.  I miss him. I miss him.  I miss him so much.

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Hi guys! I’m 8 months old (5 months adjusted) today. If the photos look a little blurry it’s because we had to fend off my brother. I love him, but sometimes we’re hanging out, having a good time and wham! He’ll try to grab my face or something. Mom & Dad said they are working on it, but man, such a bummer. Anyways, I had my first New Year’s which was fun. Mom and Dad put up a disco ball in our living room and we had a big family dance party. We seem to have a lot of dance parties around here (not that I’m complaining). At my last weight check i was just over 16 lbs. you guys! I’m still doing therapy 4x a week and then there’s the doctor visits. But my cranial doctor said the helmet seems to be working and I might not need to wear it as long as they thought! I’ve started this new gasping sound my parents hate because they said it scares them a little, which is kind of fun. I’ve been super hangry lately but that’s about it for now. ❤️#marijunebug #eightmonthsold #8monthsold #eightmonths #preemie #micropreemie

Chegamos ao oitavo mês!Barrigão só cresce!! E parece que foi ontem que as duas listrinhas azuis apareceram no teste😍😍😍!!!🤰 #eightmonths #alicechegando #mamaededuas #bonecasemdosedupla #princesas #loadingoitentaporcento

Oh my! This makes me so happy!! (yes I’m totally aware how sad that sounds 🙈) I’ve only attempted ‘creamy’ sauces a handful of times as each time I do they seem to split, and there’s nothing less appetising than pasta covered in what can only be described as baby sick 🤢 Anyway, I put my big girl pants on and gave it another go and I’m sooooo glad I did! Perfect creamy carbonara 😋 I used the recipe on the SW website but pimped it out a bit as I added chicken, onions, garlic and mushrooms for added speed and flavour. A. May. Zing. #carbonara#carbloading#notrunningamarathonthough#justlovecarbs#slimmingforbridesmaiddress#eightmonths#slimmingworldlove#slimmingworldrecipe#sw#slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#slimmingworldjourney#slimmingworldlife#slimmingworldsupport#slimmingworldplan#slimmingworldinsta#instafood#weightloss#weightlossjourney#swuk#swinsta#slimmingfoodie#healthy#healthyrecipes#food#foodblogger#foodie#foodiesofinstagram

Merituuli 8 kk / months
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My favourite part of my morning walkies with mum is visiting the NEIGHbours for kisses! 🐴❤️🐶 We are good friends now 😍
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• E I G H T M O N T H S •
(And two days old 🙈) Well you’ve officially been on the outside with us for as long as you were on the in! Making this extra sentimental and hard to write because it seems like your 1st Birthday is right around the corner 😭 This month was a tough one. You poor thing - you’re teething, no teeth to show yet, but we can see the white bud coming through a bit. Not to mention a growth spurt and this sleep regression that is torturing both of us. On a brighter note, you have lots to say these days and want to be heard! You scream, screech, babble, can say mama and just recently baba (its seriously the cutest because your big old rosy cheeks get going) You’re a sitting, moving, rolling, scooting backwards machine, and so close to crawling! You still LOVE to jump (such a workout 😂) and have attempted to pull yourself up quite a few times. You’ve become a side sleeper, not the best at it yet because you hate when you roll the wrong way and lose your paci. Not to mention we’ve taken the dockatot away, you were crushed the first few days, we mean well though 😘 You love to pat everything, think clapping is funny, but can’t quite figure it out. You also think high 5’s are cool and will put your hand out for us to smack 👋🏼 You’re not a picky eater at all! You love to nurse, purées for days, apple puffs, and we’ve been introducing more of our food. Your favorites so far is tilapia fish, chicken, potatoes, & avocado. Still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but fit a few 6 months and size 3 diapers. You are such a wonderful little person and I am one lucky mama ♡ #elliotcoygrows

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