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Foxes v Junkies round 1 FIGHT
#foxcompany #eightballjunkies #rocknroll

Recording drum tracks with #eightballjunkies @#defwolfstudios 😈

This mornings decisions for #AusMusicTshirtDay with @lilrazzle (she was already wearing her @blacckbird shirt by this stage) @thedeltariggs @thelockhearts #glittercanyon @thepersiandrugs #eightballjunkies #lamanchanegra

Me and the boys pre the show. You know it's a good gig when people come up to after and say "you have blood all over the side of your face" it's not rock n roll without some blood. #eightballjunkies #rocknroll

Lagerfest with #eightballjunkies ✌️

Shooting our first video with EIGHTBALL JUNKIES 😈 #eightballjunkies #sydneyrock #punkrock #rocknroll

@willis_wormwood_ killed it tonight at the agincourt with #eightballjunkies he even managed to keep his shirt on til the third song! #rocknroll #striderlovesit #startedinspandex


Tonight we're kicking some dicks at the Vic, the Vic on the park that is. With our good mate @azaria_byrne opening up with an acoustic set to get you all loose and juicy. Then dept of gloom closing the night. Gonna be rad/sad night as we see the venue changing keys on Monday, come say laters to the Vic as we know it for a final night of froths and nudity. Let's turn up the heat and burn this mother down.

Me and my dudes did thing a couple of months back, and now we have a thing for you. Do you like sick jams about sexy sexy lady strippers? Tunes about being an absolute train wreck of a legend of freak show quality? Bangers about relaxing short stays in mental health care facilities? Then @eightballjunkies brand new ep Vaudeville show is a vibe for you! Check it out, smash a froth, play with ya self, whatever floats ya boat! It's on googleplay, Spotify, iTunes... Blah blah blah.

G'day legends, how are we all? That's good, us? Well we're pretty pumped cause at a surprise time this week our seccond ep Vaudeville Show will be ready to tickle/assault your ear drums. It's got it all! A Song about being an absolute train wreck dick kicking legend, one about a collective love of strippers and their sexy sexy ways and one about taking some time out for a nice relaxing stint in a mental health facility.. I'll keep you posted on an update. Keep on rocking in the free world pals!

Australian band shirt day? Wears my own bands shirt. Check out my band @eightballjunkies if you somehow didn't know I was already in one, we're frothing to announce we'll be dropping our new ep sometime next week. It's called vaudeville show and it's super filthy and sexy, like your old pal willzy boy. And if you'd like a junkies shirt, I dunno message me or something? I'm sure I could sort out using a post box.

We here at Eightball junkies are super stoked to be a part of this. It's time we give back to the world we've taken so very very very very much from haha. Let's kick some ass and do some good! #freewestpapua #palsinpapua #onelovefuckers

Some rad artwork our good pal @thelachlanbruce did for a song of ours psycho holiday. It'll be on our upcoming ep vaudeville show. Yiiieww.

Last week I sang vaudeville show from ontop of one of my favourite bar tops in Sydney, the best part? The crowd new the words and strangers handed me beer.
Final words? "I dig music... And I'm om drugs"

Look at me, I'm rock n roll perfection
Up on stage I got it all
go put my picture on your fucking wall
And I'm a sleaze, a rock n roll infection
Money to burn, fortune and fame
Go kill yourself I'll take the blame.
#eightballjunkies #vaudevilleshow

"Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night looking for the fight of her life" one of willzys work out jams as he attempts to get fighting fit for tomorrow nights gig. Don't be a gronk, come have a froth. The temperature is up and as we like to say it's time to TURN UP THE HEAT!! Come watch him be a maniac on the floor. @fyre.byrd @thekidspunkrock @goldenrobotrecords @azaria_byrne @thehideawaybar YIIEEWWWW, only ten bucks on the door, that's one bathroom handy.. #flashdance

It's been a long time since we've rock n rolled, maybe like 7 weeks to be precise so like not that long really but still a little while. It ends this Thursday though!! @thehideawaybar @thekidspunkrock @fyre.byrd @goldenrobotrecords @azaria_byrne acoustic set. Come dance the night away #comeonbabyyoureoldenoughtodance

Show is next week//September 14th, Sydney// @thehideawaybar// Doors 8pm//ENTRY $10. FYRE BYRD jacket giveaway βœŒπŸΌπŸ’œ
#fyrebyrd #aussierock #rocknroll #sydneylivemusic #music #rockduo #goldenrobotrecords #thekids #eightballjunkies #azariabyrne #πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί#πŸ”₯🐦

Only a couple of weeks now till we're back on stage, can't wait!! Missed these fucking goof balls. Time to get spring sprouking and rock ready. For our first frothtastic gig we're fanging it back to @thehideawaybar for the not so secret secret show put on by the legends at @goldenrobotrecords. with @fyre.byrd, the kids and our mate azaria from the art crooning some acoustics it's gonna be a sick one!! Come get messy with your favourite Viking.

At the show in Sydney, September 14th we will be giving away one of these awesome FYRE BYRD jackets during our set. How do you win? All you have to do is turn up πŸ”₯β€’ details πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
SEPT 14// HIDEAWAY BAR//SYDNEY//DOORS 8PM//ENTRY $10 #fyrebyrd #aussierock #rocknroll #rockduo #australianmusic #sydneylivemusic #goldenrobotrecords #thekids #eightballjunkies #azariabyrne #chickdrummer #🎸 #πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί #πŸ”₯🐦#welcometofyrebyrd #sydney #thehideawaybar

Super pumped to have jumped on this killer gig set up by @goldenrobotrecords records, we'll be squeezing in among a bunch of their own talent for their not so secret secret show at the @thehideawaybar we're here to kick dicks, fang froths and wang Chung all night long. Don't miss this one it's gonna be gnarly.

Greetings from our junkie brother trash as he froths his way around Croatia during our break. We've finished recording, finished filming, finished gigging and were taking a wee break over the next few weeks as we chase art work, prints and more merch... Also maybe just giving ourselves a chance to drink as much as we want without worrying about falling off any stages ha. We'll see you all real soon, rested and rowdy and hungry for Froths n fighting. #eightballjunkies #band #sydney #rocknroll #punk #heavymetal #australianrocknroll #australia #singer #frontman #guitarist #bassist #drummer

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