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@_martineder A Raindrop falling into the Sea #martineder #eigenundart


Me at the "Lindenauer Hafen" / Leipzig .
📷 Photo: @enricomeyer3000 📷 for @zeitmagazin / Mann

☁Wolkenausstellung, 2017, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30 × 40cm☁ / Cloudexhibition / @galerie_eigenart

The painting "Fachwerkstadt" is part of my exhibition #TETRIS @galerie_eigenart in Berlin / The show runs only until July 8. 👀

🎨Me in my studio 🎨
📷Portrait by @SandraLudewigOfficial for @ad_germany magazine

My exhibition #TETRIS runs only until July 8 @galerie_eigenart in Berlin . Have a look! 👀

"Modelltisch - Windmühle im Gebirge" is part of my exhibition #TETRIS @galerie_eigenart in Berlin / The show runs until July 8. 👀

Later on I met up with @titusschade - we've been friends on the internet since I wrote an Artikel on @spiegelonline about the book with his works @hatjecantzverlag published last year. Today he invited me to see his current (and very nice) exhibition at @galerie_eigenart. Nice to finally have a chat, Titus!

These two paintings "Die große Windmühle" and "Das Monument" are currently #ondisplay in my exhibition #TETRIS @galerie_eigenart in Berlin

🎉 Celebrating 1 year on instagram with the painting "Am Wasserfall" / #ondisplay at my exhibition #TETRIS @galerie_eigenart Berlin until July8 🎉

Thanks for coming #SebastianKoch to the opening of my #exhibition #TETRIS @galerie_eigenart in Berlin. / @titusschade

"Das Doppelhaus" is also #ondisplay at my current #exhibition #TETRIS @galerie_eigenart in #Berlin / The show runs until July 8.

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