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What do I mean by this, I mean everyday I used to wake up like damnit I don’t want to do a single thing today. Yes you know what I’m talking about
I was doing things, just not to the best of my ability and I wasn’t feeling good about the work I was putting in and quite frankly it was taking a big toll on my mindset towards life
I’ve always wanted to make a big impact in this world in some way and be very successful, so being efficient is very important as you may know
So when you are feeling low energy and low self confidence, it’s going to largely effect how well you are performing in your business. What do you need to change?
You need to get higher energy levels, higher confidence, and more positivity which comes from high energy and high confidence
This is exactly what I needed to change because I knew the low energy, low motivation, and low confidence was coming from me not being 100% happy with my body and taking care of it the way I should’ve been
Gaining the muscle I wanted and eating the way I should’ve been eating helped me gain the confidence. After making the change my energy levels started to sky rocket because I was taking care of my body and seeing a body I wanted, not some skinny guy I always felt I was
Then what happened? My positivity increased, and my freaking days were becoming way more efficient and I started feeling/being more successful. I was ready to show up everyday to the best of my ability and learn/grow.
You may be putting in tons of work, but not feeling very great about it because you are lacking some of these things. I chose to make the change, like you can to your body to help you become more confident and energized to show up POWERFULLY FOR YOUR BUSINESS/LIFE!
All it takes is the choice to commit and change once and for all! If this post resonated with you in any way, hit the like button and tag a friend you think would benefit from this!

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great start to this new week!!
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This weekend was great. I had the change to train and learn from the Founder of Hamundo himself! It was nice to meet new people and te see other people again! #hamundo #semiar #uden #wha #eha

Had a great Hanmudo weekend! I’m grateful for this opportunity to be trained by the founder of the Hanmudo system. #hanmudo #martialarts #enochmartialarts #wha #eha #hanmudo

Nemo เกาะกระดาน 📽 credit @bibb #gopro #snorkeling #trang #thailand อีกไม่กี่วันคงได้เจอน้ำที่มี 🚬 contaminate เพราะวันนี้มีคนสูบแล้วทิ้งลงบนชายหาด #EHA

Tenemos Cassettes de “La unión de distintos vientos” podes conseguirlo por Sin Tierra Discos o escribinos por msj privado.
@sintierradiscos edición k7 2018.
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"Sabemos que salvar a un elefante no cambiará el mundo, pero podemos hacer que para ese elefante el mundo si cambie para siempre." #VamosPorEso #HayEquipo #Reencuentros #Felices #Helpers #ele #elephant #elefante #team #work #ong #eha #equipo

If you can imagine giving birth to a 4m tall aluminium bouncing baby girl then you can imagine how this project is running... but her legs are out... ah! she's breach, maybe that's the problem! Despite the challenges I am feeling utterly blessed to be commissioned by the Eumundi Historical Association to create a sculpture for the memorial park that will speak directly to my Spirit Orb project completed there in 2015 and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of WW1. Stay tuned for more clues...
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Hoy pueden conseguir nuestro K7 “La unión de distintos vientos” editado por @sintierradiscos en el Cassette Store Day en @espaciosalvo .
Dirección: Luis Viale 89, Villa Crespo.
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***🏡Closing Day🏡*** So happy I was able to assist my good friends in purchasing their first home! This home is conveniently located in the tinseltown area that close to everything! Solid concert block home 💪 with hardwood floors and modern updates! Great bonus room and back yard with a deck for entertaining 🏞Can't wait to see it once they put their own personal touches to it. @schild.samantha @admin_shark33
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Parabéns meu amor, pelo seu dia.
Tu me tira do sério, mas eu amo kkkkk 😍❤️ #EscolinhaAmiguinhos #EHA #DiaDasCrianças #PrimeiroJogosKids #ParabénsCrianças 👏👏👏


So many people that struggle with gaining muscle think that they need to pound the protein shakes and drink 3 shakes a day in order to gain weight because they see protein shakes all over the place and hear that protein is what helps you gain muscle
Trust me, I’ve been there! I used to drink 3-4 protein shakes a day because I thought it would help me get bigger. Which it didn’t. Instead of eating, I’d drink a protein shake like many people do! I got so fed up with not seeing progress I knew I needed to change something
Yes, protein is good and is a crucial part of gaining muscle which is why you see protein being advertised all over the place. However, that doesn’t mean you should buy that product and drink it all the time
There are good and bad times for protein shakes. 99% of people who drink protein shakes in my opinion should not be drinking them. I was in this 99% btw🙂
That’s because these people(like I used to be) have never even established a strong foundation of how to eat properly and being healthy
To make gains and to live a healthy lifestyle you need to learn how to eat and what to eat before you start taking supplements that you really don’t even know what is in it
You need to be in a caloric surplus to gain weight, and people who drink protein shakes usually don’t do anything with them and end up not even consuming enough calories throughout the day and week to gain weight like I used to
So what’s the solution? Start making real food and eating it. Start learning how to meal prep, and track what you’re eating. Start learning how to fit meals into your schedule and how to ensure you are eating enough food to gain muscle and gain weight
Eventually, once you get a good foundation with eating supplementing protein can be beneficial. For most people, you don’t need that yet and you’re only hurting yourself and your bank account by drinking protein shakes to try and see some growth -
If this was beneficial in any way, comment down below whether this is something you struggle with! I’d love to know who here needs to start eating more food and drinking less protein!💪

Amigos mañana 13 Oct en el Cassette Store Day van a poder conseguir las primeras ediciones en K7 de “La unión de distintos vientos” de la mano de @sintierradiscos .
Dirección: Luis Viale 89 , Villa Crespo, de 15 a 21hs.
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